January 31, 2014

"They crucified me, so there are holes in my hands now."

"Other than that - they cut off my ear, cut up my face. My whole body is a mess. You can see everything. I am alive. Thank God for this."

Said Dmytro Bulatov, the Ukrainian activist.

ADDED: "Why are so many Ukrainians protesting?"


NotquiteunBuckley said...

Christ, you know it ain’t easy,
You know how hard it can be,
The way things are going,
They’re gonna crucify me.

Deirdre Mundy said...

Yet another paranoid libertarian clinging to the slippery slope, right, Cass Sunstein?

But it couldn't happen here, even though it's happened EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. America is different. Americans are different. We're exceptional. Paranoid libertarians have insufficient belief in American exceptionalism. But we're the New Jerusalem. The City on the Hill. We have Manifest Destiny, Dagnabbit! Is that what you meant to say, Mr. Sunstein?

Oso Negro said...

By Ukrainian standards, what he got was light. When the shit really hits the fan in the Ukraine, the bodies go into open ditches and ravines. And yes, Deirdre Mundy, I am one of Sunstein's paranoid. I read a lot of history, and have a lot of guns and ammunition.

n.n said...

closer integration with the European Union, instead drawing the country closer to Russia

With the aid or perhaps intervention of the international left. I guess the preemptive attack on Libya, and the interrupted attack on Syria, failed to send the proper message, and forced them to change their strategy.

William said...

During the famine years one out of seven people in Ireland starved to death. During the Crimean War, England spent more to feed their cavalry horses than they did on famine relief in Ireland. Not a single English horse starved to death during the Crimean War. All this happened a long time ago, but everyone in Ireland knows these facts, and it colors their opinion of England.......Russia has a history of mistreating Ukrainians,and it will take more than energy discounts to make those grudges disappear..

Lyle said...

Russia and Putin suck. Stay clear of those degenerates Ukraine.

traditionalguy said...

The Homeland Security Agency's recent purchase of four billion 40cal anti personal wad cutter bullets for use on Americans who resist absolutism and want to keep their Unalienable Republic is a fact.

NSA's dossier on every American alive is a fact.

The intentional destruction of the US Dollar as the World Trade reserve currency is a fact.

Declaring coal energy production of 70% of our electricity is illegal pollution for no reason at all except fraudulent Global warming scare is a fact.

Converting the US media into a government disciplined propaganda apparatus is a fact.

But all of that just reminds me of George Washington...or is it Joseph Stalin...hmm ?

Blair said...

The article misses the fact that the birthplace of Russia and the Russian Empire in the 10th Century was Ukraine - hence "Kyivan Rus". Russians see Ukraine as part of Russia - with good historical reason.

The article also almost completely ignores the battle between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches in Ukraine, which play a significant part in why Ukraine is the way it is today.