January 11, 2014

"His legacy is dissipating away because people don’t know how to deal with this. They suppress it as if he’s not there."

And now, he is no longer there. Ariel Sharon has died.


CStanley said...

Strange, I had actually forgotten that he was still comatose until I was googling something about brain death the other day and his name was in some of the articles that were returned for my search query.

traditionalguy said...

Sharon played the role given to him for this life. He was a mighty warrior.

His later tactic of creating a Palestinian State next to an Israeli State was a good one because he knew that the Muslims would NEVER accept an Israeli State.

God bless Ariel Sharon.

amr said...

Well that answers Amiri Baraka's question:

Sharon stayed away because he was in "what doctors defined as a state of minimal consciousness in a sterile suite at the hospital, Sheba Medical Center. Visits were restricted for fear of infection."

Hagar said...

Sharon's legacy unfortunately is not going away anytime soon. Read his autobiography "Warrior," written to introduce himself as a political candidate and setting forth his program, and compare with the most recent map of Israel and the "Occupied Territories."
He did exactly what he set out to do.

betamax3000 said...

Somewhere in the Middle East People are Now handing Out Candy, of Course.

jr565 said...

Why, are the left so critical of the crimes of Israel, since they are also so willing to forgive the crimes of the Middle East states?
Shouldn't they have a hands off policy towards Israel the same way they do towards, say Syria?
I'll note that Israel isnt' using chemical weapons, isn't saying death to Iran, and is surrounded by all the states that Inga says can't be changed and are evil and vicious.
I think it's due to the liberal mindset. They are used to calling Amerikkka the worlds biggest terrorist, the cause of all the evil and opression of the world. If you go to college you can major in anti americanism. From Latin Sudies to African American studies to Women's studies it's all an eductation in viewing America as the world opresssor either due to race or sex.
Additionally the left has a hard on for America being guilty, uniquely of the crimes of slavery. The whites oppressing blacks theme runs deep in them. Which is why they singled out South Africa for unique condemndation, as opposed to say Zimbabwe.
Israel seems to fit the model of who the left normally rails against. It's uniquely succesful, and its leaders even look white.And it ostensibly looks like the big bad country that is oppressing all the other countries.

However, the truth of the matter is Israel is the true underdog in this situation and it's the ME countries that are the oppressors. All you have to do is look at a map of the ME to see what a tiny sliver of a country that Israel actually is surrounded all sides by true tyrannical nations to know which side is actually the one we should root for.

Sharon is actually a villain to much of the left. But they, as per usual, are rooting for the totalitarians to win.

traditionalguy said...

CNN ran a 10 minute hit piece on Sharon that whined everything the man had ever done was a serious bad decision /failure which single handed had caused the peace loving Yassar Arafat to rise up and try to exterminate the Jews.

In other words Sharon was always 100% for a Jewish State's existence. And CNN 's British correspondent is stll mad about the British Empire's failure to abort Israel in 1947. In fact where is the British Empire....it was got aborted.

Alex said...

Arik Sharon was a lion for Israel. They don't make them like that anymore.

jr565 said...

Israel was promised a state that included all of historic Palestine (which included what is now Jordan). This was not a country with a group called Palestians. Rather it was a land mass, like say the Mojave desert that had disparate people living there.
No capitol city. No govt. It didn't belong to Palestinians since of course those didn't exist yet.
During WWII Europe decided to reward some of our allies by giving them Jordan. They cut what was Palestine and gave the majority over to Jordan.
The remaining portion of the land was later turned into Israel.
So, if we are going to talk about Palestinians, lets acknowledge that the Palestians already got their land. (Since Palestians would include all the people living in Transjordan at the time including the Jews). AND got the better deal out of it.
Compare Jordans land mass to Israel and you'll see Israel is tiny in comparison.
The majority of Palestinians currently live in Jordan now.
This whole debate is a fake one and depends on who is a "Palestinian" and what Palestine is. And which arbitrary border you want to apply when discussing what land belongs to whom.

The Drill SGT said...

Probably the greatest armor General after Patton, his numerous amazing offensive operations with outnumbered forces are his legacy.

What a Mensch...

ironrailsironweights said...

Had he lived another few months he would have surpassed Jackie Wilson for the title of Famous Person Who Was a Vegetable for the Longest Period of Time. As it stands, Sharon is in second place, having passed Joe Colombo about a year ago.


Fen said...

I think it's due to the liberal mindset.

I think its due to racism. Liberals believe Jews are the "wrong tribe".

While the White Supremacy movement *writes* about exterminating the Jews, and Radical Islam *talks* about it, its the Western Left thats actually trying to pull it off.

Why do you think liberals get violent when you remind what the National Socialist movement really was?

They already know.

jr565 said...

I try not to think that badly of the libs. But you may be right.