January 26, 2014

"'blubber-up' sounds like a really disgusting soda."

Says Ron, the first commenter on the last post.

Blubber-Up is real. I've seen it. Here:


Bob R said...

That ad didn't gross me out the way the creators intended. It looked more like molten hard candy than fat. I'm not a big candy fan, so it wasn't appetizing to me, but it didn't trigger disgust the way they wanted. Not many people have made candy (it's more fun to make than it is to eat) so maybe I'm an outlier.

chr1 said...

As I wander across the food desert, I hope to see these guiding the way to the new food pyramid.

Ann Althouse said...

Low-fat milk has more carbs than whole milk.

If you're going to drink milk, you should drink whole milk. Actually half-and-half or cream is better.

Ron said...

Althouse can be the Eye of the new food Pyramid! (squirrel on a stick will be the 'new' protein)

EMD said...

Is that a Snapple bottle or Yoo-Hoo?

You think they'd have gone with a more iconic red or blue bottle, but pissing off Coke and Pepsi probably isn't in their best interests.

SGT Ted said...

Less sugar drinks is good.

Kirk Parker said...


"squirrel on a stick will be the 'new' protein"


Can you say rabbit starvation???