December 28, 2013

"What should happen is the following: please develop the film and hand it over to your students."

Wrote the great film director Werner Herzog to the film professor who had 2 weeks earlier handed him a Super-8 camera and instructed him to make a film for the Film 102 class.
My demand is the following: they have to make films, collectively or individually, which should include my footage. Obviously, they do not need to take everything, nor in the order I filmed the material.

The title of their film/films has to be WHERE’S DA PARTY AT? 

In my footage this appears in one of the graffiti, and at least this portion of the text should appear in the film, or all the films.
The film prof told the students their project would be a bit like what Herzog did making the film "Grizzly Man," using the footage (and pawage) of the late Timothy Treadwell.


MayBee said...

It won't be the same without Herzog's narration. That's almost the best part of his documentaries.

FullMoon said...

Would be interesting to know the students feelings as they edit.

Some feel intimidated, some feel superior?

They are being asked to improve Herzogs work, correct?

Ann Althouse said...

They're being asked to make films that use some of his footage, plus whatever else they choose. That is, they are given some film to use in their own montage, for their own purposes… and presumably with some connected to the required title.

vicari valdez said...

great title!

Joe said...

So the students are supposed to make pretentious shit and act like lunatics?

(I actually did like Grizzley Man, but find most of his films to be utter crap and that he personally is nuts.)