December 3, 2013

Thanks for shopping on Amazon...

... through The Althouse Portal. I really appreciate the costless contributions readers are making to this blog (as I approach the 10-year mark — still without one missed day). Looking over recent purchases people have made, I infer that Legos are especially popular Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. So let me provide a link for Lego gifts.


MadisonMan said...

Should we call you after making the order to make sure it's been placed?


Scientific Socialist said...

Happy to do so. Will there be a Althouse Portal for ;-)

Meade said...

Come right in. No waiting.

Scientific Socialist said...

Great! How's the "back end" looking?

Lord Ben said...

Hey, as an FYI I discovered my ISP was routing Amazon traffic through their own Amazon Affiliate link. So you've had some money stolen from you from my purchases. I ratted them out to Amazon, hopefully something will come of it.

Ann Althouse said...

Thank you, Lord Ben.

JoyD said...

Ah, Legos! We have enough sets of Legos and Construx to start our own store. Three boys were busy with their Legos for they wait in the hope of being so loved by another generation. Good thing they have no breath to be holding.

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