December 28, 2013

"Pop princesses bow to queen Britney Spears."

No, that is not bowing. Scroll through the rest of the pictures. It's all terribly disrespectful to the poor, troubled ex-princess, Britney. If she's to be a queen, give her a dress... and some dignity.


William said...

So fleeting is fame. This is the first comment. Miley Cyrus would have generated a dozen by now.

Bob R said...

William - You didn't click through. Miley is one of the princesses.

The princesses are puffed up high school musical ingenues. And if you look at the whole slide show you can see just how much production is necessary to puff them up.

To see what a great band was like in the days when they just got on stage and played music without elaborate props, I suggest "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rolling Stones." Right after recording their best albums. The music was enough. Of course, the Stones were major instigators in the heavy use of props and stage shows. But there was a time when it wasn't necessary. It will always be necessary for Britney, Miley, and Katy. For a while it will be sufficient.

mccullough said...

I guess bow is used metaphorically. Unless Miley is dunking a basketball from the free throw line, it's probably best of she keeps her tongue in her mouth. Brittney looks good. Of course she's still very young.