December 9, 2013

"Lonnie is a good hugger. We lie down on the bed (above sheets) in a sort of couple-watching-a-movie pose."

"His arm is around me and I'm cozy but faced forward. We chat lazily for a while, then Lonnie's breath slows down, and I attempt to follow suit, meditation-style."
It's relaxing, no doubt. Between the calming music, the presence of a warm body, and Lonnie's superhuman lung power -- his breaths seem to take a minute apiece -- I find myself easing into a half-asleep state. After about 20 or 30 minutes he says, "If you're comfortable, you can put your head on my chest."
A description of a visit to Madison's Snuggle House, which — as we discussed 2 days ago — is now permanently closed.


TML said...

This reminds me of Woody Allen's excellent, "The Whores of Mensa" for some reason

Quayle said...

Having destroyed the evolution-tested, and therefore proven efficient structures of human relationships (e.g. marriage, rules regarding sex and marriage, roles in families, etc.), the American left now seeks to use the capital market to establish and profit from alternative models.

Problem is, those new models are inefficient and unsustainable.

Inefficient because, over the full horizon, the new "progressive" social structures require a far higher cost of human emotion, self control, and strength of character than the traditional forms did.

And judging by the market failures of the Madison snuggle house, unsustainable from a monetary and capitalist perspective because these new "progressive" models are just plain ol' bad business.

madAsHell said...

Why am I reminded of all the negative reviews of the Scott Walker book?

Oh. My. God!!

Did you see the picture of Lonnie?
Can you smell the patchouli oil?
That guy needs a haircut, a bath, and a flea collar.

Freeman Hunt said...

Hm. Now having read this, it sounds like it could have been helpful to depressed or alienated people. The hard to foresee part would be what happens after dozens of these sessions. Would the client feel betrayed that she is, after all, a client? Would it lead to more alienation and depression? Or would it help people feel empowered to get out and reconnect with other people socially?

Quayle said...

"That guy needs a haircut, a bath, and a flea collar."

Want a friend, get a dog.

I'll bet the marketing section of the Snuggle House business plan didn't run a competitive analysis or SWOT on competing alternatives:

a cheap dog from the pound.

Plus the dog from the pound is guaranteed flea-free.

madAsHell said...

Plus the dog from the pound is guaranteed flea-free.

....and spade or neutered.

EMD said...

....and spade or neutered.

David Spayed.

EDH said...

If you need touch, get a message.

If you need a friend, get a dog.

Seems like you could answer the prostitution issue by video taping all sessions.

The experience of having a physically intimate moment with a complete stranger is usually reserved for times of crisis...

What ever happened to the good old fashioned "Glory Hole"?

Freeman Hunt said...

"Seems like you could answer the prostitution issue by video taping all sessions. "

Maybe they were doing that. The article says that security cameras in the room were pointed out before the session began.

John said...

Lonnie looks like someone who might be your snuggle mate in a bad prison.

Whether you wanted to snuggle or not.

"Somebody's getting cornholed today."

"Sounds like a recipe for success to me!"

John Henry

William said...

I'm as needy and dependent as the next person, but there are limits. Paying a stranger to hug me is one of my boundaries.

n.n said...

Rent-A-Friend said...

Chemin De Fer

Alone on the railroad track
I walked with pounding heart.
The ties were too close together
or maybe too far apart.

The scenery was impoverished:
scrub-pine and oak; beyond
its mingled gray-green foliage
I saw the little pond

where the dirty old hermit lives,
lie like an old tear
holding onto its injuries
lucidly year after year.

The hermit shot off his shot-gun
and the tree by his cabin shook.
Over the pond went a ripple
The pet hen went chook-chook.

"Love should be put into action!"
screamed the old hermit.
Across the pond an echo
tried and tried to confirm it.

-Elizabeth Bishop