December 14, 2013

"He began revealing his true colours, thinking that it was just the time for him to realise his wild ambition..."

"... in the period of historic turn when the generation of the revolution was replaced."


David said...

If worse than a dog is a crime, we are all very vulnerable.

Did he cry Uncle?

betamax3000 said...

The Heading of this Reads Like a Gatsby sentence.

"For a while these reveries provided an outlet for his imagination; they were a satisfactory hint of the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy’s wing. Then I had my Uncle shot."

Diogenes of Sinope said...

My prediction is North Korean evil will do serious harm outside of North Korea. These villains have atomic bombs.

Illuninati said...

According to dear leader, Uncle Jang deserved to die because he was "dishing out pornography". Among the worst things a man can do in a bloodthirsty dictatorship is to peddle smut.

Uncle Jang was "worse than a dog". What's wrong with dogs? They are creatures who love their owners unconditionally. Love is a degenerate evil thing in a Communist dictatorship. A good Communist dictator doesn't let things like loyalty and love stand in the way of his power - on behalf of the people of course.

In a Communist dictatorships "illicitly acquired wealth" is dangerous and evil since it can be used "to ensure that the people and service personnel will shout 'hurrah' for me" and can be used to support a coup. Wealth is only righteous when it can be used to promote the power and wishes of the dear leader since he always uses it correctly to promote a stable workers paradise.

No one is allowed to pursue a "decadent capitalist lifestyle" except dear leader who works so hard for the people that unimaginable wealth and luxury is only a small down payment on the gratitude the nation owes him.

The charges go on ...

Machiavelli was a pussycat compared to Communist dictators. What the left has done is to destroy our Judeo-Christian moral system and has replaced it with a new philosophical and moral foundation without absolute values which supports the rise of this type of sociopathic personality. On the left the only way to understand the human mind is by materialism and class struggle. Loving commitment to a good God is nothing but myths, the "opiate of the people", which distracts them from what is real - class struggle and hatred.

In many ways Obama is deliberately inscrutable. He is an empty canvass on which people can project their own wishes. This makes it fascinating to try to discover the real person beneath the veneer. A while back I read that when Obama went to the DMZ between North and South Korea he made a comment about how bad it is that the North Koreans are not able to provide a good living for their people. On one level I find that statement reassuring since it means that Obama does not think North Korea is a worthwhile goal for our country. On the other hand the fact that his first concern was the people's material privations is concerning. It could indicate that he views the world through the lense of materialism rather than through the lense of freedom and love.

EDH said...

"They are using this opportunity to scapegoat Uncle Jang by relegating responsibility for all policy failures," said Leonid Petrov of the Australian National University.

I wonder if Kathleen Sebelius is following this story?

YoungHegelian said...

I don't think this will end well for Kim Jong Un. Jang Song-Thaek was China's favorite in NK, and many of Jang's acolytes are in positions related to Chinese/NK relations. If these acolytes are now living in fear for their lives, they have an open conduit out to SK via a China that is too pissed off to attempt to repatriate them. Some of these guys probably know some real scary stuff about the NK hierarchy.

The NK regime depends on lots of foreign aid from China. It's really the only friend NK has left. But Beijing is not happy, and has already staged a "military exercise" on the NK/China border to show its displeasure.

ken in sc said...

Kim Jong Un has all the virtues of a dog, except loyalty and bravery.