December 23, 2013

Greetings from Austin!

We're back in Madison, but here's a handful of photos from Austin, where we spent the last week.


roadgeek said...

It's a great town, isn't it? My wife and I wouldn't live anyplace else. We often comment on the fact that with more than a million people in the area you can do and get anything you could want, yet still run into people you know at HEB. A big city that feels like a small town.

sunsong said...

Austin City Limits
Here's a kewl link to Bob Dylan 50 years ago. Some say it could be Doc Watson on the right and Judy Collins on the left:

young Dylan

jacksonjay said...

37th Street Lights?

Carnifex said...

I had a blast there several years ago. A Madison liberal would fit right in too. You should try it during the summer so you can see the bats. The bats are like seagulls to Mormons down there. Anyway, Congress Street bridge...dark prepared to party.

Heartless Aztec said...

Well, regardless of it's muscular and very hip liberalness it's still the South. The patois is familiar to the ear of a southeast coastal person. Much the same latitude. Fun Road trip.

MayBee said...
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Anonymous said...

If They Were to Film a remake of "Can't Stop the Music" it Would Take Place in Austin.

Two Snowballs and a Ding Dong, Deep-Fried.

MayBee said...

I hope you enjoyed your travels.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

Is that a 1940 Ford there in the last picture?

Anonymous said...

Car; Dusty Road. A nameless University Professor Sits in the Passenger Seat, Sipping Coffee. Her Husband is behind the Wheel, a Bit Road-Weary, Sunglasses, Local Radio. Around the Next Bend is the HitchHiker: the Professor Sees Her First.

"Is It Too Soon?" She Asks.

"I've Got One More In Me Before We Reach Town,' He Replies.

Anonymous said...

The Car Pulls to the Shoulder of the Road, Garvelr Cruching as It Slows to a Stop. The HitchHiker Approaches, Looks Expectantly Into the Car, Makes a Quick Evaluation: They Seem Harmless.

First Mistake.

"Come on in" Says the Professor, Opening the Door.

"The Back Seat's a Bit Small, But You're a Little Thing, You Are: You Should Be Able to Fit."

The HitchHiker in Her Floral Dress Squeezes Into the back Seat next to Two Suitcases.

Mistake Number Two.

Tank said...

I'll be there in Sept. Any hints on where to eat and/or see the blues?

Anonymous said...

"Do You Live in Austin?" the Husband Says as They Pull back onto the Road.

"In Austin, Around Austin, Outside of Austin Sometimes," the HitchHiker Says, Chewing Gum and Nodding to the Radio.

"So You Stay on the Move."

"I Don't Like to Stay in One Place Very long."

"That Must make it Hard on the people Who Care About You," Says the University Professor, Almost Motherly.

"There Ain't No One to Miss Me When I'm Gone," the HitchHiker replies, Watching the Scenery Go Past.

Mistake Number Three.

southcentralpa said...

Travelling? Flying?? Althouse??? Yeah, right. If you pull the other one, it plays "Jingle Bells" ...

Anonymous said...

Dusk. Motel on the Outskirts of the Trendy Part of Town; Room Seventeen, Lower Level.. The Husband Stands in the Doorway of the Bathroom, Drying His Hands and Face with a Towel, Wet Hair Slicked back.

"A Long Trip," He Says, Face Obscured.

"Satisfying," the Professor Says as She Sits on the Edge of the Bed, Viewing Photos on the Back of Her Camera.

"In This Photo It Just Looks Like She's Sleeping," She Says.

The Husband Walks Up behind Her, Looks Over Her Shoulder, Nods.

"Not So Much in the Later Photos," He Says, Still Nodding.

"Yes," She says: "Not so Much in the Later Photos."

"Do You Want to Get Something to Eat?" He Asks. "I Saw a Silver Trailer on the Way in. Probably Some Good Food."

"Fine Local Cuisine," She says, Turning Off the Camera.

Anonymous said...

The Professor and Her Husband Sit on a Park Bench by the Silver Trailer.

"Fine Local Cuisine, Indeed," the Husband Says, Throwing the Paper Plates into the Recycling Bin.

A Police Car Slowly Passes By, Pauses.

"Nothing to Worry About," Says the Husband.

"I'm Not Worried" Says the Professor, Nonchalantly Taking a Photo of the Trailer.

"Worrying is How They Catch You," She Adds, camera Clicking.

Anonymous said...

The Professor and Her Husband Stroll Down a Street Lined With Craft Shops and Galleries; the Odd cafe and Bar. Pawn Shop.

The Professor Fingers the Bracelet in Her Pocket.

"We Don't Need to Get Rid of it Just Yet," the husband Says.

"Part of the Thrill," the Professor Replies, Opening the Door to the Sound of Jangling Bells.

Rusty said...

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...
Is that a 1940 Ford there in the last picture?

The tail lights say Chevy or Plymouth.

rhhardin said...

Yahoo under contract to att has set the session timeout on webmail reading to 14 seconds.

As a programmer I diagonse the most probable mistake easily.

This is down from two weeks.

It's a holiday so probably it won't be fixed.

Web designers spend time with their families.

Ron said...

Maybe that car is a Willis!

Anonymous said...

"Not Worth Much," the Pawn Shop Clerk Says, Fingering the Bracelet. Country Music Plays From a Clock Radio behind Him; both the Music and the Clock Radio Date From the Sixties.

"Not Expecting Much," the Professor Replies.

"How'd You Come Across This Piece?" He Asks, Making Eye Contact. "I Have to Make Sure it's Yours to Sell," He Says, Apologetically.

"It Was Given to Us By a HitchHiker," the Professor Answers Coolly; Her Husband Shoots Her a Subtle Glance from the Corner of His Eye.

"She gave it to Us in Exchange for a Ride into Town," The Husband Explains.

"I Can Give You Fifteen," the Clerk says, Palming the Bracelet Before Setting it Upon the Glass Counter.

"Fifteen Should Buy Us a Couple of Drinks," the Professor replies. "Any Good Bars around Her That You Would Recommend?"

"Upscale or Low-Down?"

"Low-Down" the Husband Replies. "Some Place the Kids Go to."

Lyssa said...

We like to watch this show called "Bar Rescue," where a guy goes into failing bars and tries to turn them around by yelling at the owner. It's fun. Obviously, all of the bars are terrible, but I've noticed whenever they're in Austin, the bars are a whole different level of hellhole - bugs crawling in the liquor bottles and dropping from the ceiling into people's drinks, etc.

So that's what I think of when I think of Austin. Hope you two had a wonderful trip.

Anonymous said...

The Professor Strikes Up a Conversation with a Young Girl in Her Early Twenties; They Sit at the End of the Bar, Drinks in front of Them. The Husband is at the Jukebox, Trading Quarters for Blues.

"So You're a Student?" the Professor Asks.

"Part-Time" the Girl Replies. "When I'm Not Working."

"What Kind of Work do You Do?"

"This and That, Mainly."

"Are You Here With Anyone?"

"No, no: Still New to the Area. Mostly Know My Landlord and the Guy at the Gas Station Where I Buy Cigarettes."

'We're New in Town, Too" the Professor Replies. "Do You Have a Place to Stay?'

Anonymous said...

"I've Got a Landlord Usually Means I Have a Place to Stay," the Girl Says Over the Music.

"I mUst Have Misheard You," the Professor Says, Sipping Her Wine. "I Meant More as in... a Place to Have Some Fun."


"Nothing too Crazy," the Professor Replies. Just a Cooler of Beers, Mostly."

"Considering This Was the Last of My Money, I Might Take You Up on That."

The Husband Returns, Sits at the Bar, Taps His Foot to the Music.

"We Might Have a visitor," the Professor says.

"We're Hospitable People," the Husband replies, Sipping His Beer.

Hagar said...

1940 Plymouth Business Coupe.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Is that a 1940 Ford there in the last picture?

48 Ford Coupe with a modified hood scoop. Been hot rodded with other modifications.

Anonymous said...

The Husband and Professor Enter the Pawn Shop in the Hard Light of Morning; Again, the jangle of Bells.

"Another Bracelet?" the Pawn Shop Clerk Asks, Smiling.

"No, A Necklace," the Professor Replies, Taking Off Her Sunglasses.

"Another Hitch-Hiker?"

"In Exchange for a Bar Bill."

"I Hope it Wasn't a Large Bar Bill," the Clerk says, Examining the Necklace. "Can Give You Ten."

"Gas Money,' the Husband Replies.

"Not Much Gas for Ten Bucks These days," Says the Clerk.

"Dry Cleaning, then," the Professor Says: "There's Always an Item That Needs Cleaning."

Ironclad said...

I hope you enjoyed Austin! It's a great place to live. Franklin's barbecue is a miracle, if you don't mind the 2 hour wait. There are several wonderful shops where they cure the meats and you will find unique sandwiches made with exquisite care.

Hope you waled the trail of lights too!

Lyle Sanford, RMT said...

Is that Oat Willy's in the second photo?!?!!?

Thanks for the photos - spent a lot of quality time in Austin off and on during the 70' and 80's.

Anonymous said...

The Husband Reads the Local Newspaper Over breakfast at a Funky Diner.

"They Found the Body of Some Girl Outside of Town," the Husband Says, Eyes to the paper. "About Five Miles Off the Main Road. Farmer Found Her."

"A Shame," the Professor Replies. "It Seems Young Girls Go Missing A Lot Nowadays."

"The World's a Crazy Place," the Husbands Says, a Forkful of Eggs Hovering Above His Plate.

"Diagnostic," the professor Says Absently.


"Word in the Crossword Puzzle, 23 Across: Diagnostic."

Anonymous said...

"Is it Time to head back to Madison?" the Husband Asks Before Biting into a Piece of Toast.

"Perhaps a Few Stops Along the Way. Take Some Pictures; Meet Some people."

"You Never Know."

"One Never Does."

Anonymous said...

The Above is a Work of Fiction; Any Semblance to Real People is Strictly Coincidental.

Meade said...

I sure do hope this Husband in betamax's serial fiction remembers to top off the fuel tank in El Dorado, Kansas before getting on the Kansas Tollway. And in Lawrence... see that Chipotles? Keep walking.

Personal best eating experience in Austin this trip: a crisp and juicy red apple from a bowl at RLC's house. Highlight of visit (besides seeing family, old friends, and new friends): inaugurating Austin's brand new B Cycle system - SoCo, downtown, around statehouse, UT campus, Pedestrian Bridge, and back and forth on the Lake Path. Warm, sunny weather. Friendly Texans.

Meade said...

I could be happy living in Texas if only I didn't love living in Wisconsin so much.

Hagar said...

No way, DBQ.
1940-41 Plymouth Business Coupe.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

Nope. Not a Plymouth. Look at this 48 Ford Coupe. Notice that it has a rounded back window like the one the Althouse's photo. Compare to this 40 Plymouth

Also note the curve at the bottom of the door between the front and back fenders, flaring outward in the Ford while the Plymouth seems to have a straighter body line.

Of course the white one has been modified quite a bit. (Could also be a 46. The body style didn't change too much in those years.)

If we could see the nose of the white car that would be the tell.

All neat cars no matter what :-)

wildswan said...

These comments: Like listening to the whole assembled family talking at dinner.

David said...

Austin is an interesting place.

I hear they have a law school there.

Hagar said...

We were both wrong. It is a 1940 Studebaker Business Coupe with that rear window.

ALP said...

Are the photos of meals to be posted later? Some BBQ perhaps?

Dust Bunny Queen said...

@ Hagar

By are right!


Carnifex said...

Places to eat in Austen have to include the Oasis. There was a chinese seafood joint on Lamarr across the street from an extended stay hotel. Great fod at re-dic-ulous prices.