December 6, 2013

"Did you notice this entire article was a sponsored ad by Seiko watches? It was all leading to the end telltale sign."

SOJO asks, late into the comments on the previous thread. Of course, the answer is no. I would never have blogged it if I'd seen it the faint "sponsored" at the top — over there at Gawker, where I will be less likely to read and careful about linking to in the future. Fortunately, I linked with disfavor, disagreeing with the part I quoted.

Had I chosen to quote the 6th item on the 6-point list — the one that counts using your cell phone as your watch as a "Telltale Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Style" — I'd surely have disagreed with that too. If you have a cell phone, you have a pocket watch. Why do you need a wristwatch? If you're so hot to encumber your wrist with unnecessary decoration, wear a bracelet.

And I don't mind saying — despite my annoyance at having linked to Gawker's sponsored article — that I'd appreciate your buying that bracelet through The Althouse Amazon Portal. Clearly, I'm not opposed to ads and monetizing blogs. I think that's good. But don't put up a phony article! I'd never do that. I put links on things I'm writing about anyway or openly invite you to shop at Amazon.

ADDED: If you must buy a watch, how about an Imaginary Industrial Watch Brought to Life?


BarrySanders20 said...

Wristwatches still retain utility. It's rude to bring the damn smartphone to small meetings, and sometimes the damn thing needs to be charged or you just forget the damn thing at home.

Plus, you never refer to your favorite trusty wristwatch, which your grandfather received after 30 years of service and then gave to you, as "that damn thing."

And you don't look very smart with a smartphone strapped to your wrist.

rhhardin said...

I've been watchless since the 70s.

You don't need to know what time it is on the move, if you work at home.

Clyde said...

That Imaginary Industrial Watch has a kind of Mad Max vibe, doesn't it?

Tank said...

I'll say this about Seiko, Mrs. Tank bought me a $60 Seiko in about 1980, and it still runs fine. Needs a new battery every five years or so.

Your smart phone probably won't last that long or be that reliable.

whswhs said...

I prefer a wristwatch because it's right there on my wrist. I have to take my phone out of my pocket, and it isn't necessarily going to be displaying the time; I may have to flip it open and push buttons. Besides, it gives me a digital display, not the analog that I prefer, though that's a secondary aesthetic point.

Brian said...

Yaargh, where can I buy that watch? All the sites are in Japanese! STOP TALKING JAPANESE AND TAKE MY MONEY.

(OK, OK. In truth I could probably never wear such a thing. I am a professional. But it is awesome and I covet it nonetheless.)

F said...

I like the industrial watch. It needs some steam coming out, though.

ErnieG said...

The industrial watches are at the Spoon & Tamago Japanese art site, which is worth the trip.

Sam L. said...

I want an imaginary wristwatch with SMOKESTACKS.

SOJO said...

I only caught it after I clicked on the first Seiko link, then saw the three at the end. Finally, I checked it for the sponsored subheader at the top.

They should have left off the three links at the end and kept anyone who read that far under the impression it was editorial.

St. George said...

In 1975, Esquire Magazine planned to run a 23-page article by top reporter Harrison Sailsbury sponsored by Xerox.

A farmer in Maine, Elwyn White, heard about this. He wrote a letter to his local newspaper. It got picked up by a bigger paper. Soon the editor-in-chief of Esquire saw fit to respond publicly. Then the yokel, who was some would-be expert on hogs and spiders, wrote again

All this became a big deal, and the next thing you know Esquire killed the article.