December 2, 2013

"Did you forget your glove?"


"I finded it!"


"Nooo! I was gonna find it!!!"

Bella Beagle


YoungHegelian said...

I own a pair of that exact model of glove.

My glove, too, has a brown stain on it, but it's chocolate not mud. Don't ask me how that happened, because I don't know.

lemondog said...

Baby Zeus and Mighty Dog.

A glove in mouth is worth 2 on the hands.

rhhardin said...

Child: I finded the glove.

Linguist: Where did you say you found the glove?

Child: I finded it over there.

A conflict of rules.

Brian said...

Is that a beagle? I notice it's got a docked tail, and I find this interesting because my new(ish) beagle has been docked as well. (I didn't do it, she's from the pound.) I assumed mine was done in response to an injury, but seeing another makes me wonder if this is some innovation in beagle fashion. If so, I disapprove.

Meade said...

Brian, that is a beagle but her tail isn't docked, just in an odd position at the moment the camera shutter snapped.

Brian said...

Ah, I gotcha. That is unusual; they usually carry the tail up, even at speed. That carriage is part of the standard.

Still hoping mine is a one-off, anyway.

I will now suppress the urge to write another thousand words on the glories of beagles.

MadisonMan said...

Almost as cute as the baby sleeping with puppy shots that went around the 'net last week.

madAsHell said...

Look! In the sky!
It's a bird!
It's a plane!
It's.....yeah, the beagle needs a cape.

Meade said...

This is the perfect place to write thousands of words on the glories of beagles. Repress yourselves not.

Meade said...

Bella the beagle in the background with white-tipped tail fully extended.

Julie C said...

My two beagles always have their "flags up" (as the white-tipped tails are called) even when running. The only time they are down (other than when they are sleeping or lounging) is if they are in big trouble. The nose is what usually gets them in trouble.

Do you know why beagles and other hunting hounds have white-tipped tails? So the hunter can see them in the trees and high grass.

Julie C said...

Beagles are wonderful family dogs, by the way.

Noisy though, especially if one of them bays in a closed car. That hurts my ears.

Julie C said...

Meade I am really enjoying your photographs.

Is that dog park enclosed? I ask because a lot of beagle owners (including me) won't allow our dogs off-leash as the nose can lead them to go far away in pursuit of a rabbit, squirrel, etc.

Annie said...

Aww, sweet pup! Love your dog pictures, Meade.

Meade said...

Thanks, Annie and Julie. The dog park is enclosed, about 24 well-fenced acres - ideal for Beagles, Vizslas, Brittany Spaniels, Pointers, Setters, and all other runner/sniffer/flusher/bounders.