December 9, 2013

At the Green Ball Café...


... you can talk about whatever you want (but the comments need to be moderated at least for a while, so be a little patient and wait for approval).


madAsHell said...

I see that comment moderation has been enabled.

Did I miss another shit storm??

Ann Althouse said...

"Did I miss another shit storm??"

No, actually that's not what it is.

FullMoon said...

Speaking of medical deductibles, my friend( whose resume includes medical billing for a hospital)
recently had some tests done.

The facility incorrectly coded the insurance claim, resulting in her be charged against her yearly deductible.

A call to the insurance company clarifying that the tests were preventative,resulted in a 500.00 savings.

Freeman Hunt said...

Came across a site that included this bit of text:

"Natural talent becomes evident at an early age, blossoms in youth, and plays out before the age of forty. This is the case in all domains including sports. In mathematics, it is strictly true. The age limit of forty holds except perhaps for some writers. This means that the parents of prodigies and people showing extreme early natural talent in a field need to provide opportunities to nurture the special ability soon after it becomes evident."

I thought each statement there was probably debatable and would make for interesting discussion.

Bob Ellison said...

I heard an NPR discussion today about the Hobby Lobby case. Dahlia Lithwick was a guest. Some guy called in and said he's a Catholic, and the church couldn't impose its theology on the lay members, so, he asked, why should a corporation be allowed to do so?

I turned off the radio before anyone could respond but me. I told the radio, "You're too stupid to be talking out loud."

Saint Croix said...

Nurses are doing abortions in California now.

This is actually what Roe v. Wade originally said, "an abortion free of interference by the state" in the first trimester. No health regulations were allowed at all. You could not protect women's health. Could not license abortion clinics or abortion doctors.

That's insane, right? Non-doctors had a constitutional right to perform abortions!

Three years later, the Court rewrote history (in Connecticut v. Menillo) to say that of course you could require a medical license. You're so stupid for trying to follow our opinion, Connecticut. (And Minnesota, and Pennsylvania).

Anyway, Menillo is all about "medically competent personnel" and "insuring maximum safety for the woman." But California has decided to go back to pure Roe goodness. Cheap abortions and nurses doing surgeries. All right!

Saint Croix said...

Here are some dog confessions

Beldar said...

That dog looks like a joy-generator. I want to throw that ball.

heyboom said...

Here is a link sure to warm the hearts of many: