December 1, 2013

At Abby's Café...

... we're at your service.

(Photo by Abby's owner.)


madAsHell said...

You can't make this stuff up.

Here's Krugman's latest editorial effort. It's proclaiming the success of Obamacare is a secret!!

Who knew??

lemondog said...

Abby!!! It has been a long time. Is that an officially approved Obamacare canteen?

A Love Story

EDH said...

A dog whose job is threatened by climate change.

Irene said...

Has Abby been to New Glarus?

rhhardin said...

"As everybody knows, Saint Bernards, when they find travellers fainting in the snow, finish them off...The brandy in the little kegs the dogs wear around their necks is used by the Saint Bernards in drunken orgies that follow the killings."

Thurber, An Outline of Scientists

St. George said...

According to the new book "Command and Control" about the management of U.S. nuclear weapons, in a study of "abnormal environments" commissioned by Sandia National Laboratories, how many U.S. nuclear weapons were involved in "significant" incidents and accidents between 1950 and March 1968?

By "significant" we mean, oh, lightning strikes, fires, explosions, being dropped, being shattered or melted in aircraft accidents. That sort of thing. We're probably not talking about workmen leaving screwdrivers inside bombs, bombs being nearly unguarded, or bombs being mis-wired. That would be another category, maybe.

a) 3
b) 6
c) 11
d) 1,200

Yes, 1,200.

Have a nice day.

drozz said...

she's a big girl.

William said...

What did people do with their toenails before the invention of toenail clippers. Did your wife chew them off for you? A lot of negotiating must have gone on with that. Over the Thanksgiving weekend we should all give pause and gratitude to whoever invented toenail clippers. The world is a better place because of him (or her).

Bob Ellison said...

How many characters can I afford?

We who comment, blog, pundicize, or even get essays published must pare, pare away. Some subjects don't work at such short word-lengths.

This is an old problem. I probably lost readers after my leader up there.

And that's another problem: the sentence as paragraph.

Here's another.

The world is not that simple. It's not a sound-bite.

See? I did it again. I denigrated a pop concept in order to appear hip, or whatever they say these days.

There, I said "these days" in order to appear old and wise.

The world is complex.

Hagar said...

I recently read a history of the early years of the United States and was struck by the similarities between this administration and that of Thomas Jefferson.

Yes, Thomas Jefferson.

For all the lofty speeches, the economy in shambles from total incomprehension of economics and human nature, states nearing revolt and threatening secession, and the succeeding president left with an impending war made unavoidable on ideological grounds.