December 4, 2013

Amazon shopping.

Thanks to all who are using The Althouse Portal to do your Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holiday and non-holiday shopping.

I see plenty of you are buying toys, which is nice, especially toys for the very young, so here's a special link for that.


Econophile said...

If I go through the Althouse portal when I already have items in my cart and then purchase them, does Althouse get its credit? Also, if I go through the portal, add something to my cart, and purchase the next day, does Althouse get anything?

It may have been posted before, but it'd be helpful to understand the mechanism so that I can better contribute to the daily bacon.

Ann Althouse said...

The key is to enter through the portal and to complete the transaction before clicking away. So definitely no on the second question. I'm not sure about the first question. Maybe yes.

Thanks for asking!

rcommal said...

It looks

rcommal said...

Sorry, trying again:

It looks as if the visit needs tobe initiated via the pirtal, but perhaps I am reading the relevant section wrong??

"We will pay you advertising fees on Qualifying Purchases in accordance with Section 8 and the Associates Program Advertising Fee Schedule. Subject to the exclusions set forth below, a “Qualifying Purchase” occurs when (a) a customer clicks through a Special Link on your site to the Amazon Site; (b) during a single Session that customer either (i) adds a Product to his or her shopping cart and places the order for that Product no later than 89 days following the customer’s initial click-through, (ii) purchases a Product via our 1-Click feature, or (iii) streams or downloads a Product from the Amazon Site if the Product is a Digital Product; and (c) the Product is shipped to or streamed or downloaded by, and paid for by, the customer.
A “Session” begins when a customer clicks through a Special Link on your site to the Amazon Site and ends upon the first to occur of the following: (x) 24 hours (except in the case of Special Links to the site or the site, in which case 30 days) elapses from that click; (y) the customer places an order for a Product that is not a Digital Product; or (z) the customer follows a Special Link to the Amazon Site that is not your Special Link."

rcommal said...

Jeez. Mobile thick fingers. : (

rcommal said...

The digital product exclusion is interesting. I didn't realize that Kindle version of books didn't count! Probably should have, but never thought about it before.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks for the complicated text.

I don't see a digital product exclusion and the reports definitely show Kindle books counting.

rcommal said...

I am happy to learn that the digital stuff does count! Because... .

As for the complicated text, I didn't write it. I just posted it, having lifted it straight from Amazon's boilerplate, and in response to a query. BION, I am happy to see that I got that wrong, as well. I welcome that as well, without question, in context.



rcommal said...

BION = believe it or not

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