December 25, 2013

A&E celebrates Christmas by showing 25 episodes in a row of "Duck Dynasty."

Replete with the supposedly on-the-outs Phil Robertson.
“I think, honestly, it’s A&E trying to play both sides of the coin,” [said Cate Meighan, senior writer for Celeb Dirty Laundry]. “They’ve come out and not supported Phil’s statements… however they’re also looking at the backlash from the fans, and they have a huge amount of backlash from the fans... It is really a money thing... You’re going to have the same people tuning into ‘Duck Dynasty’ that always have and the same people not watching that always have.”

She said at the end of the day, the series will likely continue if the advertisers continue rush to air ads during the series.... “Unfortunately people are secondary,” she said. “At the end of every single thing that we see it’s about the money and the advertising.”
Oh, come on, Cate. Corporations are people too. So it's "a money thing"? Who but people care about money? People invented money just as people invented language and getting offended at language, and people invented corporations to channel money and language and offense. And entertainment. Arts and entertainment.

Peace on earth, good will toward people of all entertainment orientations.


Humperdink said...

Cracker Barrel: "We lost money yesterday, we love Jesus again."

mesquito said...

Rob Long considers A&E's conundrum.

Skeptical Voter said...

An interesting point. The people who like Duck Dynasty will keep tuning in. The people who have never watched it will not. What does that say about the relevance of GLAAD's hortatorical protest?

As Rhett might have said, "Frankly my dears. I don't give a damn."

Or to paraphrase an old country song, Here's a quarter call someone who cares.

pm317 said...

@mesquito.. good article but I love it when all these media types say -- I have never watched the show but..

Yep, I am no bible thumping hillbilly but I like the show, and I doubt the Duck characters are bible thumping hillbillies either. They are religious but the show is more than that. What is not in doubt is that they with their grungy beards and all, are more business savvy than the A&E suits.

pm317 said...

Oh, come on, Cate. Corporations are people too.

Life is an enterprise. We all have to raise money by hook or crook to live.

Michael K said...

"I doubt the Duck characters are bible thumping hillbillies "

"Robertson was the starting quarterback at Louisiana Tech when Brett Favre was the back up.

Mingus Jerry said...

Terry Bradshaw. Not Brett Favre.