November 15, 2013

"There are a lot of briefs, and people doing a lot of talking. I mean, it’s law."

Clarence Thomas said about the work of the Supreme Court.

He also said:
Even the most boring cases are fascinating to me…. I love the cloistered life — I was in the seminary. I love my law clerks. I have this wonderful work to do.
And, as summarized by David Lat:
Justice Thomas is patient enough to wait for history to catch up with him, comparing some of his jurisprudence to “a fine wine — it just needs aging.” He noted that it took the first Justice Harlan, author of the great dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson, sixty years to be vindicated.


jimbino said...

I've met fellow travelers who recounted to me their meetings with CT and his wife on the road.

Apparently, they're avid motorhomers. Makes me want to get a motorhome in the chance of a fireside chat with CT.

Kev said...

(the other kev)

I like to think every day he sits on the bench gives Nina Totenberg heartburn, and that makes me so happy.

Michael K said...

Anyone who hasn't read his book, My Grandfather's Son, should do so immediately.

David said...

Acknowledging that you can never know for sure, I have formed an opinion of the veracity of his accuser's testimony during his confirmation.

She lied.

I base this not on the testimony, but upon their subsequent careers.

Not that it matters, but I found the whole confirmation process to be as disturbing a public event as I have ever seen.

I was not around for the actual lynchings, however. I'm sure they were worse.

The Godfather said...

@David, the moment I saw Anita Hill on television, I was sure she was lying. I had recently had occasion to deal with an employee who made accusations of this kind, and who was determined to have a specific psychiatric condition (the name of which I've now forgotten) that is characterized by such behavior. Anita Hill could have been her clone.

Left Bank of the Charles said...

“This country isn’t perfect,” Justice Thomas said, “but it’s perfectible. That’s what Lincoln’s words mean to me.”

Jim S. said...

I saw him speak in Portland about a month ago. He struck me as a very noble man. I really wished my dad was still around, he would have loved it.

Hagar said...

I read My Grandfather's Son, which I assume to be true on facts that are easily checked.
Anita Hill's story just plain would not work with the timelines of their careers.

William said...

I never understood what the big deal was. If true, he rented porn and made some off color remarks to Anita Hill. We all should lead lives so blameless. Especially Bill Clinton......The unintended consequence of the hearings was that, when the Clinton story broke, the hypocrisy and mendacity of the feminists and the left were starkly exposed......Thomas by all visible indications is an honest and decent man. The left is always looking for another Dreyfus to rally around. Well, they found a Dreyfus figure, but the rally looked more like a lynch mob.