November 15, 2013

"John Oliver gets his own show — on HBO."

"HBO President Michael Lombardo said that the network wasn’t 'searching for another weekly talk show'..."

Oh, no? Because Bill Maher has been just awful.

"...  but aimed to snag Oliver after seeing him fill in as a guest host for Jon Stewart on 'The Daily Show' over the summer while Stewart directed a film."

True! Oliver deserves it, and I look forward to watching. 


William said...

I watch Maher from time to time. He thinks radical Muslims are more violent and dangerous than Christian fundamentalists. When he makes such observations, his guests differ and the audience boos him, but he does make such observations.

jr565 said...

he also said if the dems keep going with their taxes on the rich he might have to vote against them. But he's a hypocrite on this. He was ok with making the other rich people pay their fair share. Its just he thought it wouldn't apply to him.
Ad now,he's noticing that it is, and so has a problem with it. But he should pay his fair share which is more than what he's paying.
Since Obama and the dems wanted to raise taxes on anyone earning more than 250,000 how about we tax him enough so that he is only able to keep 249,999 dollarrs. He'd still be "rich" and we have a lot of people that need their govt services.

traditionalguy said...

Oliver is a star. For a Brit, he keeps his eyes open to the reality we face.

David said...

Maher is moving to Fox.

Sam L. said...

Never watch Maher. Stomach couldn't take it.