November 13, 2013

"I mean, I don’t know why people should hate me because it’s just a photo. I didn’t design the Web site."

"I didn’t make it fail, so I don’t think they should have any reasons to hate me."

So... I guess it's also not okay to hate these people.

30 comments: said...

Leave this poor 'minority' woman alone, this victim of cyberbullying.

I can kind of see where many people are going with this solidarity raft.

Actual crimes, facts, events etc. get swept up in this ideology, the 'narrative' and it's used to unite individuals, groups, and political movements.

Why, it's almost tribal.

kimsch said...

I don't think anyone was actually "hating" her. Iowahawk called her the most hated woman in America, but jokingly, acknowledging that she was just a stock-photo face and not responsible for the #totalfailure that is Obamacare. People feel sorry for her, that it's her face, poor thing, rather than "hating" her. That's what I've seen. It's the government's fault for putting up a photo of a real person on the front page.

Maybe they should have made a composite girl, like Obama's composite girlfriend...

MadisonMan said...

It's not about you, honey.


Michael K said...

It is amusing that she did it for free stuff. Appropriate.

MadisonMan said...

It is amusing that she did it for free stuff. Appropriate.

I'd've done the same. Pose for this, and you get a free Family Portrait. My time is worth something.

My daughter's Senior Picture was free -- and then her picture was used in ads.

Bartering: The American Way!

Mark O said...

Is it okay to hate Obama for something called Obamacare?

Alexander said...

Even if it is 'cyberbullying' (and I think not, as general mockery of a stock photo that happens to be you is different than actively attacking a person online) - so what. Personalize the political! Pick the target, freeze it, polarize it! Make Obamacare so politically toxic that no one wants to be associated with it in anyway possible.

These are the rules of the game - we don't write them, but we do have to follow them if we expect to succeed.

You think that a black woman or gay man who chose to appear as a smiling face for a Republican program wouldn't be torn to shreds if the opportunity presented itself? Bullshit.

This women - regardless of the fact she got paid - deliberately participated in making herself the face of the exchange. Let her choke on that.

SteveR said...

The smiling face of a person getting free stuff-I thought her name was Julia.

cubanbob said...

I thought the Ho insurance ad was a parody.... Silly me.

Andy Freeman said...

> My daughter's Senior Picture was free -- and then her picture was used in ads.

You do know that you owe income tax on the amount of money that you didn't pay for said "Senior Picture".

> Bartering: The American Way!

And taxable. Obamacare girl better declare her "free stuff".

William said...

She should cash in on her fame. She could appear in the next Jackass movie doing some spectacular pratfall. Maybe a guest appearance on Jersey Shore where she can counsel one of the cast about an STD. The trick is to extend the brand.

Mary Beth said...

I would feel more sympathy for her if people were personally being mean to her, but late night comedians and people online? Meh.

Or if it had been a stock photo, but she contacted a friend to get her picture taken and she knew what it was for.

Now she knows how conservatives feel when they catch the public's attention for saying or doing anything.

elkh1 said...

It's silly to hate those people. They are making a few bucks doing their job. To paraphrase a famous Lead-from-Behind Leader, they didn't build Obamacare, someone else made that happen. Those someone else were the Democratic politicians and our Dear Leader, not the occasionally working models.

damikesc said...

I'm curious --- they are selling Obamacare as girls can get birth control "for free" so they can go fuck "hot" guys.

And it's CONSERVATIVES who demean women?

It's not conservatives referring to women by their vaginas only.

alan markus said...

This is just Democratic dog-whistling. "Bullying" is one of those code words that generates a response in the younger generation. The school systems have been promoting tolerance, antibullying, collaborative teamwork, "everybody is a winner", etc. Not necessarily bad things, but the Democrats have figured a way to work it to their advantage. I can't fault the schools on that.

I learned this last year - there was some incident at the Republican convention where a black cameraman was allegedly racially harassed. There was no confirmation of who it was (genuine Republican attendees or "crashers" or Paul supporters).

Now, I have several nieces on Facebook (one in graduate school & one recently graduated from college). Within several hours of the incident they were posting links to several of the lefty sites - with taglines, like "What is WRONG with these people!" "How can these people be so MEAN!" Now these nieces aren't hyper partisan - seem to follow their peers, but think they are being "good soldiers" by passing this type of thing on. Usually I ignore their posts, but I kind of jumped in and introduced some skepticism - don't know if it meant anything - I don't think that generation has been taught to be analytical - for that I can blame the schools.

FullMoon said...
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Edward Lunny said...

Sorry sweety, you signed on to the program and chose to push it on the public. You sold it, you own it as well as all of the baggage that comes along with it. The libs, the collectivists, the mfm supporting those aforementioned, Obama, none of them concern themselves with the labeling of their opposition. Labeled as racists, terrorists, Nazis. When you agreed to participate you also agreed with all of the vitriol and hatred spewed, still being spewed, by the obamacare apologists. As they say on the street, tough shit.

Alexander said...

Yes, let's be clear.

First, let's examine a not at all uncommon metaphorical statement and its difference to a literal threat or desire.

Then, tell me about this war one women and children.

When the signatory achievement of this administration is such that it is seen as a selling point for websites that pimp young women out to rich men for sexual favors, who is warring on the women?

When this bill forces those who stand against the immoral butchering of unborn children to nevertheless pay for such, who is warring on the children?

Who mentioned her being Colombian? I didn't. I quite openly stated any and all who supported this should be forced to choke on it (choke as have their rhetoric and its political manifestations and subsequent -and entirely predictable - ill effects shoved in their faces, not somehow turning ideology into a physical substance capable of blocking one's esophagus, okay, sweetie?). I am equal opportunity here - no room for class, race, or gender when we're all being thrown in the woodchipper.

eddie willers said...

FullMoon was being satirical, Alexander.

At least I hope it was satire.

eddie willers said...

Is it okay to hate Obama for something called Obamacare?

That's "Youhateitbecausehesblackcare"

DanTheMan said...

Am I the only one who finds it bizarre that the "face" of our national health care website isn't a US citizen?

Alexander said...

Eddie Willers,

Perhaps. Perhaps if I read the comment threads more often and thoroughly I would know where Full Moon really stands.

Fact is though, even if Full Moon claims such and has the historical presence to back up that it was satire in good faith, there are legions of statists ready to make *those exact arguments* in full seriousness.

Generally speaking it's a poor idea in a medium that doesn't well transfer tone and body language to mock - in jest - someone you are on unfamiliar terms with.

That being so, I would rather undermine that attempt at satire then allow such an attack to pass by unresponded.

Alexander said...

Why on earth would it be bizzare? Obamacares greatest (and apparently, only) success is ensuring that pro-government foreigners accelerate their immigration rates to this country, destroying any sense of a traditional common culture and any small 'c' conservatism that might still exist.

That way to paraphrase, "Government will be the one thing we all belong to."

In that regard, she is the perfect spokeswoman, a non-citizen that got something for free out of it.

eddie willers said...

I thought FullMoon's use of:

Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

was the give away.

I think he was quoting Rand Paul.

Alexander said...

It was said to McCarthy during the McCarthy-Army hearings.

That makes *me* Full Moon's McCarthy. Not seeing how that's supposed to make me assume friendly intent.

damikesc said...

Let's be clear Alexander, you believe this wife and mother should choke to death because she had a picture taken?

Or, should she die because she is in favor of Obama care, like millions of other people.

Or, should she die because she is a Colombian woman?

If you shill for a terrible product, most spokespeople have negative repurcussions.

That makes *me* Full Moon's McCarthy. Not seeing how that's supposed to make me assume friendly intent.

Given what a useless shit Welch was, it's not as bad as it sounds.

Alexander said...


Ha ha, excellent point! Cheers, mate!

FullMoon said...
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n.n said...

Predatory marketing leads to identity theft. You have to be careful when dealing with the government.

furious_a said...

Brosurance before Hosurance.