November 5, 2013

At the Orange Café...


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C Stanley said...

Gorgeous....what variety is it?

Tank said...

Don't know, but I think I've got one in front of my home. Red all summer, then orange, then the leaves fall off.

Paid extra for it when we re-landscaped. Worth it.

Original Mike said...

We need a poll.

Matt Flynn or Brett Favre?

Ann Althouse said...

It's a Japanese maple.

Leeatmg said...

Do you need to bring it indoors in the winter? I love those trees, but I'm told they can't be grown here in frigid Minnesota.

Tank said...

Japanese Maple.


A great looking little bush.

Two years ago we had all that icy snow and the main trunk split in two. We fixed it by drilling a hole through it and bolting it back together. Still can't believe that worked. It did.

Tank said...

Ours is in the ground. Can't take it in.

Original Mike said...

@Leetmg - I'm aware of three Japanese Maples close to my house in Madison. They all are in sheltered settings, which is the usual advice for this species.

There are more than one cultivar of Japanese Maples, and I imagine each has different levels of hardiness. The one in the photo has deeply incised leafs (the correct for term for that escapes me at the moment).

I visited Kyoto, where there are big forests of Japanese Maples. I was told the Japanese name for the tree derives from the term "baby's hand", referring to the shape of the leaf.

jimbino said...

I mostly enjoy the blog and I order from Amazon every other day, but I am determined not to support the blog's Amazon kickback until you stop posting all those annoying pics of dogs.

jimbino said...

I mostly enjoy the blog and I order from Amazon every other day, but I am determined not to support the blog's Amazon kickback until you stop posting all those annoying pics of dogs.

C Stanley said...

No, I know it's a Japanese Maple but mine is reddish purple and doesn't change in the fall. I was wondering which variety has this color change.

Meade said...

"Do you need to bring it indoors in the winter?"

Depends on the cultivar and where, in Minnesota, you're growing it.

Original Mike said...

Dissected! That was the word I was trying to recall.

Nice link, Meade. Thanks a lot.

Freeman Hunt said...
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Freeman Hunt said...

We had one of these, but a hard freeze a few years ago killed it. Then a drought killed our ornamental holly tree. I didn't know it was in danger; I would have watered it. We are 0-2 on small, ornamental trees. Oak, ash, and maple seem to be more our speed.

Freeman Hunt said...

I can't update Donna B. on the grass fed beef because it wasn't thawed by dinner last night, and we had to have something else. It's thawed for tonight though.

Hagar said...

My neighbor has two Japanese maples whch I get to prune the tops of. They are about 9-10 ft tall with nice canopies; green in the summer, and turn a strong red in the fall if the weather is right.

Christy said...
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Christy said...

Winged euonymus, aka burning bush, Euonymus alata is putting on a gorgeous display here just now. I've seen stunning gold maples under planted with brilliant red burning bush lining a drive. Makes me happy just looking.

JOB said...

Igniis Fatuus: Soliloquy of a Pompon

Before the angled anger of first frost
We were afraid. The pumpkin sun brittled
Its mouth – and we turned to ghosts of old men
On turtled terra firma: wrinkled up,
Our flesh, antic in imposition,
And, cap-a-pie, seeded, pulped, and thick-stemmed
As September’s Indian summer dance.
At the first heavy mention of snow
Old youthful Clotho’s faithful distaff sang….

What beauty finds thee in thy blowzy busts?
Why haunt the autumn’s ruined porticoes?
How kisses nostalgia in thy fired heads?

The wind is blue and stings October with
Solemn countenances, flickery votives.
What starry plows had plucked from the gloaming,
The sienna-studded fields reveal in shards.
No arms to sing, we could not try to reach
The next day or next week; only month’s end
Can dwell as song in vegetable souls.
We were solitary, anodyne, hollowed-out.
We drank away the sun, and brown and grey
Imbibed the deepening landscape’s early dusk.
We spoke in candles, we prayed in gold –
We loved in windows – these, the mirrors
Soon stenciled with an early winter’s ire.
Serene, enduring, hushed – we grin to bear
The foolish light that makes our faces burn.

traditionalguy said...

My Japanese maple is dark red. It must be from Southern Japan where it is given grits and cornbread fertilizer.

rhhardin said...

Seasonal colors

MadisonMan said...

I have this in my garden and I have to pot it up and bring it in. First time I've done that with a plant in the ground.

Hagar said...

Claiming that the Republicans sabotaged "Obamacare" is like claiming the Allies sabotaged Hitler's "New Order."

Meade said...

That is a very cool Buddleia, MadMan. I'm going to have to get one. Definitely worth protecting from deep freeze. I envy the breeder his legacy created in that plant.

Hagar said...

or you could say the American Indians tried to sabotage the European settlement of the Americas.

ken in sc said...

We have two Japanese maples, both the same age. The one in the front is scraggly and about 7 ft tall. The one in the back was split apart during an ice storm and has filled out beautifully, but is only about 3 ft tall. They both turn red after the first frost, which is not yet here.

Leeatmg said...

Meade said:

"Depends on the cultivar and where, in Minnesota, you're growing it."

Thanks very much for the reply and links. Sadly, the Minneapolis area is Zone 4 so I'm guessing it's a risk. Might be a risk worth taking, as I had assumed it was just not possible here.