November 17, 2013

"A man in camouflage who alarmed Madison neighbors when he walked down a street with an uncased shotgun Saturday morning..."

"... turned out to be a hunter thwarted by city parking."
The Madison Police Department said in a statement that the man, a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, had been hunting outside the city and was unable to find parking close to his residence. He decided to walk home from his parked vehicle with an uncased shotgun, police said.


mrs. e said...

I got this alert on my phone, yesterday, and had a hunch it was something like this. We nervously joked that the whole camo/face paint works better in the woods - pretty much the opposite in the city.

Original Mike said...

I got 4 "Alert" e-mails from the UW police regarded this event. While the last said "All clear", it did NOT explain the resolution of the event. What is it with police and their aversion to telling people what happened? It does not engender trust.

EDH said...

...a white male with black paint on his face, carrying a shotgun and walking near a bar...

Now, that's a way to get a parking space!

Don't even need to come up with the line-drawing symbol for the "Angry White Male Parking Only" placards and signs.

Paul said...

Where I grew up kids would walk along the highway with shotguns going to different dove hunting fields.

Gun racks in trucks to. Even traded guns in the parking lot of high school.

This country has become so pussyfied it is pitiful.

Strelnikov said...

"an uncased shotgun"?

So, that's a thing now?

The Godfather said...

Buy this guy some buckshot and send him to Pinehurst. Our gardens are being devastated by deer. But tell him to wear golfing togs so he won't stand out.

Carnifex said...

I was in downtown Lexington for a gun show. trying to sell one of my Dad's old shotguns. No luck. So as I'm walking back to the car, a woman in her 30's I guess, and her 2 small son's, about 8 and 10 hollered at me.

"Is that real?" she shouted.
"Yes'em." I shouted back,(she was across the street)"There's a gun show at Rupp Arena today."

I started to move towards her so we wouldn't have to shout, and was going to let the boys look at the gun when it struck me that she might view it as aggressive, so I just shouted goodbye and went on my way.

Hundreds of guns walking the streets of Lexington Kentucky that day, yet no one was killed.


LuAnn Zieman said...

The hunting law changed as of last year. Guns can be uncased now. My retired game warden husband has difficulty getting used to it. Of course, they can't remain loaded.

Deirdre Mundy said...

We live near a National Forest, so at certain times of year there are plenty of people walking along the road with guns and camo... or bows, depending on the week.

It's become a running gag for us... "Oh no! Someone with a gun! Should we call the cops!"

I'm thankful for the hunters. When they're around, the deer stop trying to kill me for a while.