October 14, 2013

Your evening infusion of Meade-dog.

Revel in it, humans. Little do you know what Dog World feels like, but the Mediator Meade is revealing a few secrets.


m stone said...

Great video and syncing with the music. Love the slo-mo!

Was that a cat running by in the background laughing at about the 3:00 mark?

Meade said...

Thanks, m stone.

"Was that a cat"
A Yorkie.

Inga said...

I think that Indian music belongs to the menstrual pad video.

David said...

Nice camera work.

Good use (not overuse) of slo-mo.

Love the music what is it?

Very interesting how the yellow dog defers to Zeus. Not obsequious but deferential.

And that is one fabulous dog park. Is it a Wisconsin taxpayer production or has privatization crept in?

CatherineM said...

Seeing the dogs play together reminds me of my time at the park when I was a kid. We would show up and just join in whatever game was going on. We didn't know the kids and may never see them again, but we had fun. Of course, that was when parks had fun stuff to climb, slide and run on.