October 25, 2013

"Without private evidence, I will take a pass on the frail case of Jon Lester and the Twittered glob of something-or-other in his glove."

"Cheating was more blatant and more fun in the old days, when the Giants’ Gaylord Perry would smilingly stand with upraised arms while an ump frisked him for K-Y Jelly or other skulking lubricants. When a Phillies pitcher, Kevin Gross, allowed sandpaper to fall out of his glove, he indignantly denied that he’d been doctoring the ball. No way! A great dad, he’d been employing idle dugout moments to fashion a little birdhouse for his daughter."

The great old Roger Angell is blogging the World Series, with better words and better memories than anybody else.

He's 93!

In case you don't want to take a pass on the Twittered glob of something-or-other, here's "'Giant booger' or rosin? Jon Lester says he doesn't have a cold."


Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

Damn, what pitcher was it who, when accused of using "foreign substances" on the ball, retorted indignantly that everything he used on it was from "the good old US of A?"

rehajm said...

It's a hard slider.

rhhardin said...

Dominick reviews the game 3:25 in.

Conserve Liberty said...

True or not (despite the minor league organization pitcher's Tweet), Mozeliak and Matheny (Cards' GM and Manager) were classy in their refusal to give credence to the accusation, nor to excuse the loss to Boston.

Allen Perry said...

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