October 6, 2013

"With less than a year left in his final term, President Hamid Karzai insists that he is eager to leave the presidential palace and lead a quieter life."

"It turns out, though, he may just be moving next door, to a lavish new home yards from the complex that has been the seat of his power for more than a decade."

It could work. It's a little like Pope Benedict and Pope Francis. Listening in on one of the new Pope's famous phone calls to ordinary people:
“Hi, it’s me again. I know I’m being Pope Pushy, but I’d like your advice. I’m having problems with Pope Benedict. Well, he’s not really the Pope anymore, but he sits there, in that mother-in-law apartment, and he criticizes. He’s always, like, ‘When I was the Pope . . . ,’ and, ‘I’m fine, don’t listen to me, just go Skype with all your new gay buddies. . . .’ So I just need to hear you say that I’m doing O.K.”


Hagar said...

I still think Karzai will be wise to get out of Afghanistan before we do.

madAsHell said...

Karzai is a con man. He's no different than Sharpton, or Jackson.

EDH said...

Why do I get the feeling his primary concern is whether you can temporarily land a helicopter on the roof of his new house for a quick escape?

David said...

On the other hand, without US military protection, he may end up in a much quieter place.

No, not that.

I'm thinking Switzerland.

Cedarford said...

Of course he wants to get out while the goings good, along with all his druglord henchmen that diverted billions from American funds.
I just hope the scumbag doesn't come here. But the only other safe havens the neocons can access for corrupt allied seeking to bail after max theft has been optimized are Israel and the Marshall Islands.