October 11, 2013

"Why is your logo a pair of Y Fronts?"

"I had never heard of Y-Fronts, so I wrote it off and scrolled right past. But they kept coming…"

I got there from here: "A data company turns an unusual branding issue into a case study: does its logo looks like a pair of men’s underpants?"

ADDED: What's worse making your logo accidentally look like men's underpants? Making it accidentally look like the contents of men's underpants. I first blogged that link back in 2005, when we laughed until we cried.


Big Mike said...

"Why is your logo a pair of Y Fronts?"

It isn't. Or at any rate it doesn't look like it to me.

Makes me think of this old joke.

prairie wind said...

UK schoolchildren sometimes tease each other with insults like “I bet you wear y-fronts.”

UK schoolchildren need better insults.

autothreads said...

There are more embarrassing things than a misinterpreted logo. Why do some car companies make cars that look like vaginas?

Carl said...

I totally disagree. A corporate logo that looks like underpants is a banana peel into the cream pie pratfall. But a corporate logo that isn't technically but sure looks like a giant cock would be awesome.