October 1, 2013

"While women from his own, white middle-class background, often saw him as an overawing presence, he was just another guy to African-American women and this was refreshing to him."

From a 2001 article about Bob Dylan's 6-month marriage to Carolyn Dennis, who bore him a child, his 6th child, named Desiree Gabrielle Dennis-Dylan. I got to that article after seeing this very unfairly titled Daily News article "Like a complete unknown — Unlikely that Bob Dylan will attend his daughter's wedding."

It's one of those same-sex marriages you've heard so much about. Desiree's partner is named Kayla Sampson.
Sampson’s mother, Jolene Sampson, said she expects the legendary singer-songwriter will not be there to walk his 27-year-old daughter down the aisle in Mira Loma, Calif. “Of course he’s invited, but he’s just not going to go. He didn’t say that, but that’s what we are assuming,” Jolene Sampson said.

“It would be sad (if Dylan skips the nuptials), but he is really supportive and happy for her,” the bride-to-be’s mom added.
By "bride-to-be’s mom," does the Daily News means Carolyn Dennis, Dylan's ex-wife? Both Jolene Sampson and Carolyn Dennis are "bride-to-be’s moms." It might be that in some weddings of 2 women, only one chooses to be called the "bride," but there's no evidence that in this case, these 2 are saying that.

Conclusion: 1. The Daily News is an idiot. (It's a wonder it can even feed itself.) 2. The fiancées and their mothers all look very happy. 3. It's sad that a family broke up long ago, but there's nothing new in this story that shows Bob Dylan mistreating anyone.


66 said...

Ann, was this post supposed to be ironic? I think you can be a bit too Dylan-sensitive and a bit too gay-sensitive. There is nothing inaccurate, or even mean-spirited in the article. I agree with you that the article mostly lacks news value, but I'm shocked by your harsh reaction to it. Hence my question at the beginning of the comment.

BarrySanders20 said...

Kayla is the bride. Absolutely no question about it.

If he's invited, is it too much to ask busy Bob to attend his own daughter's wedding? Fer chistssakes.

He's a dick if he doesn't go.

William said...

Whatever the backstory, you won't hear it until after Bob's will is probated. My guess is that the daughter has a few grudges and enough sense not to share them with the press.

Martha said...

but Ann, usually the father of the bride attends the wedding AND walks his daughter down the aisle.

If Dylan skips the nuptials, he is an absent father.

jr565 said...

" It might be that in some weddings of 2 women, only one chooses to be called the "bride,"

You don't say. Almost like it doesn't fit the definition of marriage or something. So what is the second bride? The groom?
If it doesn't fit, why do gays think it applies to them?

FullMoon said...

Bob Dylan should go to the wedding, take all of the attention from his daughter on her special day, be surrounded by obnoxious media creeps and make it all about him, just like he never does.
May as well bring along Tweeter and the MonkeyMan for laughs.

They gonna be serving brown rice, seaweed and dirty hot dogs?

Renee said...

Should we still use 'partner'?

Even though I disagree, I use the term fiancé/ e/spouse/wife/husband or companion.

Save partners for business relations.