October 17, 2013

What does Ronan Farrow think is: 1. "an annoyance," and 2. "empowering"?

1. Your interest in whether his father is Frank Sinatra or Woody Allen.

2. His new MSNBC TV show.

(Need more details? Here's the whole article.)

ADDED: Here, you can judge his speaking style and small-screen appeal:

"I did a lot of stuff in my Hammer Pants."

AND: Watching that clip, I could only think of one word: jejune.


Unknown said...

"where he founded the Office of Global Youth Issues and was an advisor to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the Arab Spring uprising."

Yea, of course, all "global youth" have the same issues and the same beliefs and the same idea on "solutions" to these "problems".
Right, and of course the best one with an insight to how the "global youth" think, most of who live in poverty, is the son of two multimillionaire neurotics, who lives in a multimillion dollar penthouse and went to elite private schools with other heirs of multimillion and billion dollar fortunes.
Advisor on the "arab spring" to Hilary Clinton.
How did that turn out? Nothing but roses of freedom and democracy, right.
Pathetic, which makes him perfect for MSNBC.(BTW: Isn't it just NBC now?)

Rick in Oregon (ex-Chicagoan) said...

"Like his mother, Farrow is a human rights activist with AIDS." (The only item of interest in the linked article.)

Charlie said...

"vituperative immobility"????

Charlie said...

He'll fit in perfectly with the other we're-way-smarter-than-you MSNBC hosts.

PB said...

I see no trace of Woody.

jacksonjay said...

Seems to me his father is Mia!

William said...

He does look like Frank Sinatra, but there is very little ring-a-ding-ding in his personality. He has some of Allen's introspective qualities but not much of a way with a throw away line. I'd go with Sinatra. What's the over under in Vegas?

southcentralpa said...

Hearing you mention jejune, all I can think of is the first time I encountered that word, in an Encyclopedia Britannica article on "Anne of Green Gables".

Temujin said...

Accch...that was the most painful 1 minute 40 seconds I've spent since the time I tried to watch All-In with Chris Hayes. Actually, that might have been Chris Hayes, minus the IN YOUR FACE GLASSES.

You know it's going to be painful when 6 of the first 20 words are law school, law school, I , me.

This is exactly what MSNBC needs next. What kind of mind is required to look at the world and all of the options for information and think to themselves, "Well, this looks good, Ed Shultz, Al Shparton, Ronan Farrow, Chris Hayes...'.

What I really want to see, to absolutely clear my brain of any troubling working cells, is an interview with Mika and Ronan.

David said...

He looks like his grandfather, who was a brilliant, charming, handsome, manipulative fake.

David said...

I love the way she slushes the word jejune.

Unknown said...

He looks so much like his mother that paternity is an afterthought.

At least the new MSNBC show answers the question of why Mia decided at this time to name drop on potential sperm donors.

Jim said...

Roman: He has his Father's eyes.

I'm surprised I was first with the Rosemary's Baby reference.

MayBee said...

I remember when his name was Satchel.

wildswan said...

He was smooth but boring. Every thought a cliche. There's people out there I hate like Brad Pitt yet when they get on screen (like Brad Pitt in a River Runs Through It) I watch. Ronan isn't like that. He seems nice but a bore

wildswan said...

He was smooth but boring. Every thought a cliche. There's people out there I hate like Brad Pitt yet when they get on screen (like Brad Pitt in a River Runs Through It) I watch. Ronan isn't like that. He seems nice but a bore

zefal said...

Woody Allen has chunks of guys like Ronan in his stool!

Jim, I see your Rosmary's Baby reference and raise you!

Portia said...

Comment on MSNBC material? Not on your life. Think I want to be called a racist?

Freeman Hunt said...

Based on his biography to this point, he may be a brilliant person. If that is the case, MSNBC is probably not the place for him. Nor is television news generally.

chickelit said...

I don't really care.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Of all persons considered of American citizenry certainly this is the one to challenge the 33 years of PBS's WFB's TFL.

They nailed it. As Ace of Spades says all the time.

They nailed it.

Guildofcannonballs said...

I personally know Libs like I know my asshole.

There are hemorrhoids, very very sensitive ones near the most-toward-Earth orientated area where my sphincter sphincts.

There are others, more pronounced, higher up.

So, I know this.

I do. I really really do. Really. I soak in saying really and think really some more and I do.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Can you imagine enraging folks, dumb/evil mostly, by being like Rush talking of "every square-inch of my naked body" or some such?

That is truly inspiring.

Those jokers who thought Limbaugh shouldn't define ""'CONSERVATISM'"" insofar as Limbaugh wasn't Buckley are paid puppets. If anything Rush, because of his Grandfather's values, has always been an elite-like-Buckley-but-not-Buckley-force.

Lucky for me that whole group fell into that apt description without my influence.

Limbaugh needs to rapefuck the NFL with prejudice. For him to submit to second-class citizenship even having a substantial net worth indicates bigotry endorsed and incentivized and subsidized by your monies.

I want thousand upon thousands of lawfare suits claiming discrimination by the NFL for refusing RHL his American rights due to his conservatism.

I wanted it yesterday folks.

What the Hell have you been doing?

Guildofcannonballs said...

I never knew, to this very day, Buckley created Twitter.

"The Reagan I Knew."

It is pre-tweet tweeting by, simply of course, the greatest pre-tweeter whom ever pre-tweeted.

Buckley invented Twitter.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Buckley invented Twitter and Facebook.

JoyD said...

Words I Despise:

# 2. jejune

#1 twee. I read it it in a NYT review and thought, please, use a synonym.

Ugh! Pompous and condescending.

So, what about the convenient timing of Mia's latest revelations? I remember her from the 60's - Peyton Place was on TV and I was eavesdropping instead of staying in bed. She was always a strange little girl, even I could see that when I was 14. Remember her cutting off her long hair right down to the scalp? Then began a series of taking away other women's old husbands. A sweetheart.