October 19, 2013

Wearing evening gowns on the street, in daytime...

... because you have no evening affairs to attend — who does? — and you like the clothes.

A trend, spotted by Bill Cunningham, in Paris. It's not Parisians who are doing it. It's people from China and Russia who are busting loose.


EDH said...

All dressed up an no place to go?

When you're all dressed up and no place to go
Life seems weary, dreary and slow.
My heart has ached and bled for the tears I've shed,
When I've no place to go unless I went back to bed.

I've had a sad, sad life and whenever I go
To that peaceful spot where the violets grow,
Upon a nice white stone will be written below:
"He was all dressed up and no place to go."

wildswan said...

I like the ones wearing "fashion" Mickey Mouse ears. Most of them also have Goofy smiles. But they're happy. Why shouldn't the fashion be "be happy when you travel in foreign lands" instead of "buy Chanel's latest to impress everyone?" When evening clothes show up at work, I'll think there's been a real social change.

Ann Althouse said...

"All dressed up an no place to go?"

It can be a charming concept. One pictures Audrey Hepburn. Isn't this what the title "Breakfast at Tiffany's" refers to?

St. George said...

There's a great documentary about Bill Cunningham.

He lives--or did live--in a closet-sized one-room apartment with a bathroom down the hall jammed with boxes of photos. Rides a bicycle around Manhattan, newspaper taxis appear at the shore, etc.

ALP said...

Reminds me of a practical joke that has sat in my head for a while that I never played out. As a frequent thrift store shopper, I would often come across fancy evening wear that was a STEAL at $10 or so.

I would buy a few and start wearing them to my law firm job. I worked for a small boutique firm as a paralegal, which was owned by a very Michael Scott-like lawyer: very desperate for everyone to like him.

How long would it take him, or the office manager, to approach me to "have a word" about the evening dresses I was wearing? What would the conversation be like? In passive-aggressive Seattle...it could take DAYS! There could be 2-3 days of squirming while the office manager comes up with a "sensitive" approach.

Could I make some kind of PC argument that I "felt more like myself dressed this way" or could I come up with some sort of performance art angle and call it "Radical Femininity"? This is a firm owner that used to run poker games (WITH gambling) in the lunch room, and the one who whined for a foosball table in the breakroom (staff wanted no such thing). Yes, he was THAT desperate to be in on things to appear on our level...not the boss. He would be THAT gullible and would go along with whatever insane reason I could for wearing the dresses.

I mean, once you've ok'd gambling on your work site...ANYTHING can happen.

Ann Althouse said...

"There's a great documentary about Bill Cunningham."

Yeah. It's great!

halojones-fan said...

I'm reminded of Hunter Thompson, talking about US expsts in South America. "An American who would think nothing of wearing jeans and a sport shirt at home will, here, appear in nothing less than a jacket and tie...he will never be able to escape the feeling that he is being laughed at, behind his back, even by the beggars, because they think of him as merely a boob from a land where even the boobs are rich."

sdharms said...

and all the women on TV news shows are wearing after fives. They look like the Whore of Babylon. Sleeveless in the winter??? White after Labor Day? I am not being funny. Does no one else mind?