October 22, 2013

We were never really #1.

On the Law Prof Blog Traffic Rankings, Paul Caron has figured out a way to get Instapundit back in (by using Google Analytics numbers in addition to Site Meter), so I'm down to #2 this time around, which was always understood to be the case.


JRoberts said...

This would seem to be an appropriate opportunity to thank our hostess for creating and maintaining this enjoyable forum.

Thanks, professor!

Inga said...

After all the bashing by her detractors, and all the talk of her falling in the ratings, after the comments shut down this past summer, she still is number 2, and would be number 1 if not for including Instapundit this time.


Birches said...

It's fairly apparent the brouhaha this summer did have an effect on her numbers, even if this site is not displaced as #2. Legal Insurrection is gaining big time.

Wow. Instapundit is a beast!