October 19, 2013

"There should be a packaged microwavable snack for women called Hot Handbags."

I said in the comments to the post about the lady named Joy who collects expensive handbags and doesn't know what to say to her "good friend" who "wears" "fake" — i.e., knockoff — bags. I was responding to rhhardin who said "Pockets would be simpler."

To flesh out your understanding, here's Jim Gaffingan, explaining Hot Pockets:

Googling "hot pockets," I came up with a Hollywood report from 3 days ago: "Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg's New Hot Pockets Video Arrives Fully Baked (Video)." Who knew "hot pockets" was something new and trendy? Ever stumble into some weird accidental fashionableness like that?

Two premium meats — Kate Upton and Snoop Dogg —team up for this wildly ludicrous new music video for Hot Pockets, which humorously remixes Biz Markie's 1989 hit single "Just a Friend (You Got What I Need)" as "You Got What I Eat."
I have to spend way too much time reading that article trying to figure out if it's actually an ad for Hot Pockets....
Lines like "I need your hot buttery crust" and "It's my premium meats that make your lips sing a song" are mixed in with lots of marijuana references and psychedelic imagery to produce a crispy finished product that's both fake and flavorful — just like Hot Pockets.
So obviously it's not an ad. No major corporate product — this is NestlĂ© — wants all that sex-and-drugs crap on their product!
"I love working with the Hot Pockets sandwiches team," Snoop says in a statement. "They let me do what I do and bring the funk out with their message, you know?..."
Oh, okay. So it is an ad. An ad for a product pitched to folks who are... what?... on drugs and needing to use food as their sex substitute?
"I love the premium meats and the buttery seasoned crusts of the new Hot Pockets sandwiches," adds Upton. "I'm excited to hear which side the fans pick in this IRRESISTIBLY HOT™ battle!"
Wait a second. I don't believe Kate Upton up and said that. And did she yell "irresistibly hot"? Did "™" appear in a word balloon over her head?

This was the level of contempt that I brought to the project of watching the ad. So why am I embedding the damned thing here, contributing to virality?

Answer: It's a great ad! It might be the greatest ad ever. 


rhhardin said...

Purcell food video.

Hot viola da gamba player.

betamax3000 said...

I'll Wait For the Ad of Kate Upton Appreciating Corn Dogs for the Lesbian Hot Dog Stand.

Bob R said...

I don't remember Doritos or other classic munchy foods doing commercials that made such obvious drug references. But I think that's the advantage of viral internet marketing. Your audience self selects. You can target segments of your market in ways that other parts might not like.

betamax3000 said...

Coincidentally, If you Google Lesbian Hot Dog Stand this Shows Up Third:


You Don't Really Want to Know About Number Four.

Ann Althouse said...

I'm laughing and Meade in the next room says "What are you laughing at?"

I say, "What am I usually laughing at when I'm laughing like that?"

Meade says: "Uhhh.... betamax."

CachorroQuente said...

I've learned three new words today: fashionableness, virality (is there a drug for that), and visibilize. You can go here for a visibilization of a young lady visibilizing which may visibilize for you how the word is used, like, in context.

EDH said...

Maybe they could do a movie, "American Hot Pocket", where a horny teenager puts his penis in a scalding Hot Pocket.

CatherineM said...

I love Jim Gaffigan. "I love sleep. It's the first thing I want to do when I wake up."