October 13, 2013

My own private shutdown.

I'm not blogging about the shutdown.

UPDATE, OCTOBER 17, 2013: Can I look?

UPDATE, OCTOBER 18, 2013: A more detailed explanation of why I shut down.


El Pollo Raylan said...

Making today a shout-out for shut-ins!

Lem said...

Althouse shuts-up?

Lem said...

Althouse doesn't want to talk about the shutdown because there is no way she could protect Obama from the criticism he would be bound to get should she delve into his shutdown.

rhhardin said...

Obama takes over everything

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St. George said...

To Boehner, or not to Boehner? That is the question.
Whether 'tis better in the polls to suffer
The quips and slurs of outrageous Limbaugh
Or to horse trade against a House of wackos
And by jivin’ twerk them? To work, to try
No more, and by ‘to try’ to say to end
The crisis and the thousand pundit shocks
That me, O, is heir to. 'Tis a continuing resolution
Devoutly to be stalled. To work, to try.
To try, perchance to lead: Ay, there's the bummer,
For in that stress of work what hassles may come
When we have jetted to Hyannis
Might give us old bong water. There's the Putin
Who makes serfdom of my second term.
For who would bear the Fox commentators of prime-time,
Th' oppressive Ryan, the proud-bladder'd Cruz,
The party of despised tea, the Supremes’ Roberts,
The insolence of Clintons, and the premiums
That Obamacare patients merit of th' Sibelius takes
When he himself might his long Camp David weekend make
With a bare chopper? Who would both Bushes bear
To ease and taper under my body, man,
But that the dread of something after October’s ides,
The unpredicted Dow from whose crash
No legacy returns, puzzles not George Will
And makes us rather bear the Michelle we have
Than fly to Clooneys we know not of?
Thus getting high does make zeroes of us all,
And thus the Oahu of my mixed race ancestry
Is Gored o'er with the green caste of pomposity,
And a great nation of drones and foodstamps
With disregard its bond yields turn awry
And lose the bonuses of Sachs. Tweet, you, now.
The old Yellen! White lady, in thy forward guidance
Be all my sins remembered.

John Lynch said...

Thank you.

Hammond X Gritzkofe said...

An aura of calm last week as the two parties of big government were stalled.

Replaced by panic and dread when Drudge posted negotiations underway.

- hammond x gritzkofe; card carrying Libertarian

Lem said...

Another Embedded Bloviating Transit glitch ;)

Lem said...

If Althouse pipes up, it means the right is right.

Lem said...


jr565 said...

Though technically by blogging to say you're not blogging about the shutdown you are blogging about the shutdown. Insofar as to say you won't blog about it.

Lem said...

Bloviating was too harsh... but the EBT glitch is just such a plumb low hanging fruit too low not to try and connect to anything that unexpectedly comes along like Althouse moderately remaining adobe the fray...

Well, I guess it's not as unexpected...

Lem said...

BTW, EBT's no glitch, in so far as a glitch is something unexpected.

#EBT has been trending... the idea is to generate ugly stories distracting attention away from Obama's position in the negotiations he said he wasn't going to have until the government was opened and the debt ceiling raised.

Lem said...

But, since the government has not re-opened and the debt ceiling raised like Obama ordered... people might look to him again to see what he might do since his orders are being disregarded.

Obama is getting dissed...

We very well cant have that could we? Obama appear to be presiding over something? Obama leading?

Hence the EBT "glitch".

Lem said...

Moderates always blames both sides, even when one side is more to blame.
Because if the moderate doesn't blame both sides equally then they are not been a good moderate.

Lem said...

above, I meant to say above up there... not adobe. sorry about that.

El Pollo Raylan said...

St. George @ 10:55 AM...bravo!

PB Reader said...

What shutdown?

rhhardin said...


Open up, shut down.


Shut up.

Jane said...


One thing I've learned in my own little foray into blogging is that in some ways it's freeing (I can choose what I want to blog about), though in other ways less so (since my established readership is optimistically in the double-digits, I have to hunt for new readers by commenting on other blogs with a link to my own, so I'm constrained by what they talk about).

It's a serenity prayer sort of thing. I can't do a damn thing about the shutdown.

Robert Cook said...

"Althouse doesn't want to talk about the shutdown because there is no way she could protect Obama from the criticism he would be bound to get should she delve into his shutdown."

Although I abhor Obama and think he belongs in prison for his various war crimes...this is entirely the Republicans' shutdown.

Mark Trade said...

There's no shutdown anyway. It's all theater start-to-finish.

I predict you will blog about the debt ceiling.

HT said...

A Democratic friend, waxing philosophical, wanted to blame this mess on southerners, but as i've said on this blog before, the only southern TPer I've known with whom I talked about life in Washington, DC, expressed approval and admiration for the Arboretum, free museums, State Department jobs, American Track, and the National Mall.

The national establishment face of the South is not Tea Party, and is obviously uncomfortable with the Tea Party (see Lindsay Graham/Richard Shelby/Mississippi's people, etc). Any Southerner familiar with politics knows this. Do not blame this mess on the South. Not that anyone on HERE would, anyway.

(Southerners, never known for acting dynamically as a group, could have helped roll this logjam forward, but that's not what we're talking about here and is another issue entirely.)

I stand to lose a lot, not so much in money as in effort, energy, and time because I am in DC, NOT a federal department but currently getting treated like one. Yes, in the short term I/we can lay this at the feet of Harry Reid and the President, but in the long run, this is brought to you by government by Rush Limbaugh, government by people who hate government.

Thanks lovers.

St. George said...

El Pollo, thank you!

Huzzah! S'blood!