October 31, 2013

"I want to dust mop the floor."/"The front paw makes me want to eat ramen noodles."

"Nice view of the roof of her mouth."/"Getting that camera angle really low."/"The hair and the grass go together."/"Jeez, this is relaxing."/"There's grass on her tongue."

Things I said on first viewing Meade's video titled "Josie & Zeus":


rhhardin said...

It's Maximum Maple, on a dim cloudy day with rain and wind scheduled for tonight.

Colors have not been bright this year anyway.

RonF said...

Years ago the Chicago Daily News columnist Mike Royko - and if you haven't read any ohe of his old columns you really should - told people that while he had often noted his disdain for small yappy dogs, he'd finally found a use for them:

"Spray 'em with Endust and chase them under the furniture!"

Ooooh, the letters he got!