October 27, 2013

At Eddie's Café...

Edward Manners, 3rd Earl of Rutland

... you can talk about anything you want.


madAsHell said...

I love the focus in those eyes.

Inga said...

What a gorgeous dog!

EDH said...

Seeing that choke collar reminds me of a story recounted by a former letter carrier. He delivered mail to the home of a prominent sports team owner. The mailman's idea to get tickets was to put their dog in his mail truck and later return it as found wandering the streets of the neighborhood.

But when he drove off, the dog went berserk in the mail truck, and lost control of all bodily functions all over the mail. Oddly, the same thing when he returned. The lady of the house outside taking in groceries heard the yelps as the truck approached.

Her reaction: "How did our dog wander off property? Arrgg, I told my husband to replace the battery in that electric fence collar."

David said...

EDH, that sports owner needed to set the collar on stun, not torture. Dogs don't like the shock, but it's not enough to cut loose all bodily functions.

David said...

But for the shaggy coat, that dog is nearly identical looking to my dog. Mine is part beagle though so the coat is smoother and she does not quite have the spotted mottled black and white on the back and saddle. She's a slightly watered down sheep dog, like this dog appears to be. Absolutely wonderful temperament, a peach of a dog.

Will Cate said...

Lou Reed is dead. That pretty much shoots the whole day for me...

EDH said...

Lou Reed, vibrating dog collar.

Coincidence? I think not.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

That little fella looks not altogether tuckered in.

St. George said...

It's all right, all right
all right, all right
All right, it's all right
all right, all right
Baby, baby
baby, baby, ooohhh.

Rock 'n' Roll
Lou Reed

NotquiteunBuckley said...

"Personal Item

All passengers, regardless of Fare Option, are permitted to take one personal item onboard. Personal items may not exceed 8" height x 14" width x 18" length."

But then they picture a personal item with 14" height, 8" width, and 18" length.

I am so stressed now I wanna tort.

CachorroQuente said...

This appears to be a merle
Australian Shepherd (which is an American breed, not Australian). Have no idea if it's a good specimen. Most merle Aussies that I've seen have blue eyes, but that's probably not a rule.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

I see more, and always have, than those around me.

Until this a here(!) internets thing-a-ma-jig.

Walker is more than humble, but lying in order to appeal the lowest/middle lows. Me. I love him for it.

More than MacGruber and the scenes with the famous Hollywood actors like Ryan Phillipe and whatnot.

You have to to succeed and if you succeed otherwise spread YOUR formula; make the money or prestige or namesake.

America has, will, and shall allow that.

By God.

If God means Buckley's Redeemer Liveth.

America's Politico said...

Here is the top GOP ticket:

Scott Walker and Kelly Ayotte.

If Hillary runs, then she will the nomination for Democratic Party. Her VP will be: Martin O’Malley.

If Hillary! does not run, then Martin will the nomination. Then his VP will be Kirsten Gillibrand.

Bottom line: Both parties will have a woman on the ticket.

It will be fun.

I hope Scott wins. I also hope Hillary! runs.

Scott will defeat her.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

What those words were wasn't nearly as vapid as my being.

Still, hate, about my gratitude ungiven, which is why I hate me save God, abounds here as do I.

David said...

America's Politico said...

Oh, who cares.

Freeman Hunt said...

Now that Lou Reed is no longer an option, Obama is going to have this dog oversee the coding of the website during the night shift while Obama himself is sleeping.

Freeman Hunt said...

This dog is furious about bad code. Just furious.

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Freeman Hunt said...

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