October 9, 2013

At the Dog Park Café...

... you can talk about anything you want, but I'd like to show you the pictures Meade took there today:


NotquiteunBuckley said...

The best case an atheist could make, like Edie Brickell did though I don't care to investigate her religious beliefs any further than my utterances here, are lyrics such as "religion, is a smile on a dog."




NotquiteunBuckley said...

This is a link to my quick summation of dogs sans only emotion being the guiding force behind the thoughts extending beyond the routine "wow, what a good boy" thoughts.

I resisted thinking any further about the issue because I thought it was a trap.

How could, even if someone is trying to sell some book saying otherwise, my dog not be easy to read?

He is as far as I was saying, examples being: happy when chasing the ball; impatient when needing to go outside; timely when reminding me it is his usual time to fill his belly, and excited to meet new dogs he deems unthreatworthy.

David said...

At last, purity.

Smilin' Jack said...

They are so lucky not to know that we are unworthy of them.

madAsHell said...


I'm naked without a dog.

NotquiteunBuckley said...

The story, real, is on Drudge at this moment.


Why question whether or not it is scary?

If you need that mark, that mark of question Western Thought has labeled the "?" then do it.

Don't question.

Blondes of any background trump lowly brunettes.

Any dark-haired girls ought to rally with they like-colored-hair but they won't.

Megyn wins because she is pretty again.

surfed said...

Muttleys. Weather looks warm there. Kinda' late in the Wisconsin season to be strollin' around in shorts. Good on ya'.

Almost Ali said...

That first guy seems like one happy little fella! While that last guy is certainly more circumspect. But the ones in the middle, they simply know how to have a good time!

St. George said...

Today's Slate headlines....

"Finally, a Wristwatch for the YOLO in You"

"Justin Biefer's New Song is Better Than You Were Probably Expecting It to Be"

"No, the Kochs Aren't Behind the Government Shutdown"

"Doonesbury Flashback"

"How to Make the Simpsons Relevant Again"

"Thanks to the Government Shutdown, It's About to Get Really Lonely in Antarctica"


"Condoleezza Rice is Ridiculously Overqualified to Serve on the College Football Playoff Committee"

tim in vermont said...

Still haunted by Ann's dystopia of the ectomorphs.

Clyde said...

More tongues than a Miley Cyrus concert. Thank Dog they're not twerking!

Broomhandle said...

They're all characters, everyone of them.

wildswan said...

Halloween Costumes

Park Ranger with Cone
The King of the Coneheads - who would that be?
Arrested Tourist - cameras, shorts, handcuffs

Mark Trade said...