October 3, 2013

As we're talking about Wisconsin politics and the politics of veterans memorials...

... Meade remembers the time I engaged in veterans memorial politics in Wisconsin.

AND: I remember Meade's defense of the Civil War monument which someone had defaced with the slogan "Workers of the World Unite."


traditionalguy said...

Barricading Normandy Beach Bluffs taken at a terrible cost and now the burial ground for the Normandy campaign dead is as low as the Obama Empire can go .

They must want to incite a rebellion so they can shoot the billions of rounds of ammo that was recently laid up.

MadisonMan said...

People in WI who supported the Capitol Disruptions back when Act 10 was passed should be reminded of that when they object to Republican instransigence on ACA. I don't see how the two points of view are any different.

This is what Democracy Looks Like, indeed.

I would love a Journolist to ask a Democratic Politician this very question when they complain about Republicans: Back in 2010, when Wisconsin Governor Walker passed anti-Union legislation, Democrats did everything they could to slow implementation. Did you think that was a good idea?

But then I love watching Politicians twist and contort in the wind.

dhagood said...

and thus does madison man win the intertewbz for thursday, october 3.