September 3, 2013

"U.S.-Russian Ties Still Fall Short of 'Reset' Goal."

NYT headline that seems like it must have been written as a joke and left on unintentionally, in the "Mush From the Wimp" tradition.

From the text of the article, there's a fascinating revelation:
Just days before Vladimir V. Putin reassumed the presidency of Russia last year, President Obama dispatched his national security adviser to Moscow... [Putin] opened the meeting with...:

“When... are you going to start bombing Syria?”


traditionalguy said...

Putin is the macho man. Maybe Putin was trying to "be like W"

But in Obama and Kerry he met sneaky snake types that lie every time their forked tongues darts out.

It's a strange day when the Russian speaks truth and the American only lies about everything.

TML said...

I find it really odd that Google Images returns zero pictures of that headline in the paper. No one saved a copy of that?

Big Mike said...

It strikes me that we had better relations with Russia before Hillary Clinton's "reset" button than afterwards. Anybody else see it that way?

PH said...

I'm going to assume that Putin then launched into a repeat performance of "Blueberry Hill" just to reiterate that he does (and asks) whatever he wants to.

n.n said...

That's a good question. With expanded incursions into Pakistan; with a violent conflict in Yemen; with arm sales to a drug cartel in Mexico; with an unprovoked attack on Libya, and subsequent regime change; why does Obama now hesitate to attack Syria?

US-Russian ties do not "fall short". They were sabotaged by Obama and company. Putin is understandably suspicious of this rogue American regime. When Obama betrays and denies American lives in America and around the world, why should Russians trust that they will be treated any better than their American counterparts? The American Left has a long history of exhibiting subversive and aggressive behavior, up to and including initiating and perpetuating undeclared wars.

SteveR said...

NYT does a good job contrasting the naive approach of the lame duck Obama with the wizened views of HRC. (Its not her fault, its not her fault)

Glen Filthie said...

The problem for the Donks is age-old: the world's psychopaths, rogues and scoundrels that run the banana republics and the moslem hell holes all know weaklings and idiots when they see them and can play them like a fiddle. Jimmy Carter danced to the tune called by the Ayatollahs of Iran. Obama is much worse and will dance to the tune called by any two bit thug that wants to try him.

Our enemies are masters of brinkmanship. Our leaders are idiots and weaklings. Expect proof of this in the next couple days.

Cedarford said...

Echoing Tradguy, it is now a truly surreal world we are living in, where a growing number of Americans believe Putin has more credibility than Obama, Leftist "we have a moral obligation to bomb!" do-gooders, and the old slimey Neocons.

Speaking of war-mongering neocons, is there any movement on a petition to deport McCain to Vietnam??

Henry said...

That article is painful all the way through. Reporter Peter Baker tastefully steers around the wreckage of Mr. Obama's personal diplomacy, but there's only so much the man can do with his material.

The story of the administration’s “reset” policy toward Russia is a case study in how the heady idealism of Mr. Obama’s first term has given way to the disillusionment of his second.

"Heady idealism" is a lovely way to say "reckless narcissism".

But weirder and stranger is the idea that Mr. Obama thought a personal relationship with Putin lackey Dmitri Medvedev was some path to power.

...both were new-generation leaders, trained in law, unburdened by the past, who saw themselves more as pragmatists than ideologues.

Mr. Obama was so proud of seeing himself as a pragmatist he missed the fact that he was a mark.

...the future was foreshadowed when Mr. Obama sat down for a separate meeting with Mr. Putin. Over breakfast, an offhand comment by Mr. Obama about old tensions touched off a nearly hourlong harangue by Mr. Putin outlining grievances with the United States. If Mr. Medvedev was a man he could do business with, Mr. Obama walked out worried that Mr. Putin was not..

You don't say. Apparently, being "unburdened by the past" is a trait best shared with lightweights.

Mr. President, you are burdened by the past. That is a fact of your office. And future Presidents will be burdened with a past that includes your blunders on top of all the rest.

David said...

"Gee, President Putin, when do you think we should start bombing Syria?'

That would be my response. (Maybe).

David said...

"Gee, President Putin, when do you think we should start bombing Syria?'

That would be my response. (Maybe).

n.n said...

Approximately 48 hours before announcing to Congress that he has initiated yet another undeclared war. Then soon thereafter, we should expect him to declare that a video was the undeniable cause for a violent response from his former allies, terrorists and "rebels".