September 7, 2013

"The Dung Beetle Is a Climate Change Hero."

Hail, dung beetle.


Edward Lunny said...

Or, we could eliminate all of the air wasting nitwits whom have promoted and fabricated the fraud know as "global warming" . That should save loads of co2 and loads of previously wasted money too.

Bob Ellison said...

"We believe that these beetles exert much of their impact by simply digging around in the dung."

I've heard the same said of most members of Congress.

The Godfather said...

No, no, no! Global warming is caused by greedy human beings who insist on polluting our atmosphere by burning oil, gas, coal, wood, corn, grass, sugar cane, etc., as well as by breathing, belching, and farting. And we need to stop killing and eating our friends the cows. Let them defecate in peace!

But the Dung Beatles were a great group.

cubanbob said...

Give the beetles a medal for their heroic work and subsidize ranchers everywhere to make sure they have plenty of beetles on hand.