September 2, 2013

"That ledge was just asking for it."

From my response — in the "Wreckage" post — to those who'd blame the University for not providing more trashcans.


CWJ said...

Much of your response was on target. The KC Chiefs have an intense tailgating tradition. I've noticed that while both the parking lot and stadium are fairly well clean and self-policed. It is the intersection between these two spaces that collects the most trash. People just HAVE to drink that last beer on the way into the stadium. We have a number of rock slabs just outside the entrances that are also just asking for it.

Matt said...

There has been very extensive private research done on the optimum distance between trashcans by Disney, who's parks handle game-size crowds in similar spaces to this walkway area on a continuous basis (rather than once a week for 4 hours during x months of the year).

So while the "the ledge was asking for it" was a pretty funny come-back, in this case it's also true, as once you get further out than 10ft between trash cans, this is what you get.

David said...

"White Trash."

But I repeat myself.