September 15, 2013

"Obama plays 27 holes."

"After morning briefings on the crisis in Syria...."

6 ideas for Obama supporters on how to spin this:

1. Impressive to work on a Saturday, when most ordinary golfers head straight for the course.

2. 27! Wow! Most golfers poop out after 18 holes.

3. A round and a half. A circle followed by an elegant a semi-circle. Creative! Who but Obama thinks of such things? Brilliant!

4. Oh, how much new is there really on any given day about Syria? What difference at this point does it make?

5. Why do you think they call them "briefings"? They're brief.

6. You don't want to get into the weeds — in briefings as in golf. NOTE: You've got to be careful with the "weed" imagery. The mind drifts here, but the point is: Jimmy Carter micromanaged, and Obama is not like Carter.


AJ Lynch said...

Obama subscribes to the old saying "Hard work never killed anyone but why take any chances?"

I bet he also watched every minute of the Alabama- Texas A&M game after he got done golfing.

pm317 said...

He does not have Reggie there anymore to play cards with him.

james said...

An unjust king asked a holy man, saying. "What is more excellent than prayers?" He answered: "For you to remain asleep 'till mid-day, that for this one interval you might not afflict mankind."

Tank said...

If he stays home, he has to spend more time with ... you know who.

I wonder how much time he spends with his kids? They seem to like him a lot.

Darrell said...

Plenty of other Lefty nuts to make the actual plans and write the teleprompter scripts. He can be replaced by CGI anytime and no one would care--or notice.

David said...

This is a guy who really seems to need to get out of the house.

hoyden said...

Obama could have capped off the 27 holes by spiking the ball.

Michael K said...

One thing we can say about Obama. He does not micromanage. Valerie Jarret maybe but no Barry.

cubanbob said...

The better comparison would be Obama vs Reagan. Reagan delegated to competent people. Obama, not so much. Plus Reagan was capable and willing to lead from the front. Obama not so much. Also Reagan was better educated than Obama for the job-he was an Econ major and he had a wealth of real life experience to draw on-union president and governor unlike Obama.

Marie said...

27 holes? That's not even counting the holes in his thinking.

Cedarford said...

!. President Vlad is handling things. So the AA President can play golf and watch football until basketball season starts...with a little speechifying on the side.

2. The White House is having it's biggest vermin problem (cockroaches) since Jimmy Carter was beset with mice in the Oval Office and throughout the "Holy Temple". It upsets Barry, since he never grew up with ghetto flora and fauna.

CWJ said...

Obama said -

“I’m less concerned about style points — I’m much more concerned about getting the policy right,”

Spit take - coffee everywhere.

Now that's funny.

Edward Lunny said...

How about instead of spin, we deal with the reality of the situation. He's an ignorant, incompetent, incapable ass.

CWJ said...
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machine said...


St. George said...

Like Obama, Eisenhower was nuts for golf, according to "Ike's Bluff" by Evan Thomas.

"Ike craved control. In his daily life, he tried to control congressmen, his own advisers and other politicians, allies, and Russians....He escaped to try to control a golf ball. That was equally maddening."

He lied. He cheated. He played with CEOs who built him a three-story house at the 10th hole at Augusta. He got so angry once he threw an eight-iron at his physician and almost broke his leg. Like Obama, people criticized him for playing too much golf.

Incidentally, his war-fighting strategy in the nuclear age was simple: "Use the entire arsenal or not." By 1960, that meant 3,500 land, sea, and air-based nuclear weapons to be used "in a single cataclysmic blow" if the USSR struck first. This scared the bejeesus out of Ike, but, as with golf, that's how he played the game. A grim contest.

Mountain Maven said...

After he had the 1st dog transported by Osprey to Martha's Vineyard, any other display of self-indulgence is peanuts.

From Inwood said...

A take off on Glenn Reynolds:

They told me that if I voted for an ill-informed, credentialed but uneducated, inexperienced, ideological community organizer, he would surround himself with The Best and The Brightest Left Thinkers who would do a better job than Bush 43 & his Big Oil Buddies had, & they were wrong.

PS These same people always told me that all Ike did was play golf.

The Godfather said...

I'm not surprised about the 27 holes of golf. After all, he campaigned in all 57 states.

From Inwood said...

How bad has 2013 been for Barack Obama?

Every presidency falls short of expectations that. But no man has ever promised more and delivered less than the current Oval Office occupant

He has failed on virtually every front.

Let us count the ways:

He put his prestige on the line to pass federal gun-control legislation–and lost.

He made climate change a central part of his inaugural address–and nothing has happened.

He went head-to-head with Republicans on sequestration–and he failed.

He’s been forced to delay implementation of the employer mandate, a key feature of the ObamaCare, which is more unpopular than ever, and it’s turning out to be a “train wreck” in practice.

The most recent jobs report was the worst in a year, with the Obama recovery already qualifying as a historically weak one.
Immigration reform is going nowhere.

And then there’s Syria, which has turned out to be an epic disaster. (To be sure, Mr. Obama’s Middle East failures go well beyond Syria).


rcocean said...

"27! Wow! Most golfers poop out after 18 holes"

Huh? Obama rides around in a golf cart and doesn't have to worry about sluggards in front slowing him down.

He can probably play 27 quicker than most can play 18.

heyboom said...

An unjust king asked a holy man, saying. "What is more excellent than prayers?" He answered: "For you to remain asleep 'till mid-day, that for this one interval you might not afflict mankind."

Could have stopped the thread after this.

Pianoman said...

Just so that you don't obsess over 27 versus 18 holes -- it's not all that uncommon for golfers to play 9 holes as a "warmup", and then go out for their regular 18 hole round.

cyrus83 said...

I think you're missing the more obvious spin, which would be:

7. Obama already solved Syria this week with a bi-lateral agreement, there's nothing more to worry about.

MCD said...

Bush stopped playing golf after we went into Irag because it would have been unseemly for him to be enjoying the good things while our soldiers were in harm's way. If he were able, I doubt FDR would have played golf during the war years. Those guys had some class.

But we all know that Bush was an idiot. I still regret that I was sold the WMD Iraq war justification by the New York Times and Colin Powell's testimony at the UN.

Let's just let Obama work on his golf game for the next three years. It could be worse.

Jason said...

"Now watch this drive."

Big Mike said...

He made climate change a central part of his inaugural address–and nothing has happened.

@Inwood, the climate has continued to plateau ever since Bush's election so that's something.

Paul said...

Obama is coasting to his retirement. He is very busy practicing!

Can't get to much practice at goofing off.

He gives a new meaning to 'lame duck'. In his case it's lazy lame duck.

Applemask said...

"Now Watch This Drive" - Barack Hussein Obama (President of America, 2001-2017)