September 17, 2013

"No money for anything now - not even for women.... The day of Casanova is over."

"One woman only - and that's already too expensive."

"The good time's finished.... I'm an ex-Casanova."

Downsizing in Italy.


MadisonMan said...

I feel pity for the men in the article, and not because they are poorer.

The daughter will be in Rome next month. Maybe I should forward her this article :)

Gahrie said...

Italian men make less money...women hardest hit.

Sam L. said...

Life is tough all over.

cubanbob said...

Another blow for Italy. The men can't afford a wife never mind a mistress. Instead Italian young men still live with mama out of necessity. At least they get to eat well.

TomHynes said...

In the past, they had to rent a mistress an apartment and shower her with jewels. Now, they take her to a hotel and she pays half the charges. It sounds like they are getting just as much mistress, it is just costing them a lot less.