September 29, 2013

"Leather jogging pants are a legit fashion thing right now."

"Kanye is talking fashion world which is why it sounds strange to non-fashion people," says a commenter in this Metafilter discussion of the Kanye West/Jimmy Kimmel feud.

The commenter links to: "In Kanye's Defense: 11 Musicians Who Own Leather Jogging Pants: Jimmy Kimmel might not believe that leather jogging pants are a trend, but here are 15 photos of celebs who could vouch for Kanye on that one."

ADDED: "Jogging pants" is a just nicer way to say sweat pants.

And the issue isn't whether you're going to exercise in leather pants, it's whether you want your leather pants tight or loose. Everyone loves tight pants and everyone loves loose pants, but for different reasons. The question is which of your pant-loves are you going to be with today. Is it a loose pants day? If so, with leather jogging pants, you can still say yes to leather.


AmPowerBlog said...

Can't jog in leather, sorry. LOL!

William said...

It's an idea whose time has come. I would suggest a line of leather Pampers for the infant.

Wince said...

You can't talk about leather pants without talking about Schweddy Balls.

Anonymous said...

Misleading! These are just leather pants in a different cut. No one actually works out in them. That's been going on since Rick James and RUN DMC. I expected to see people actually working out in these things, not wearing them to events.

Everybody's black in the pix except for Bieber. Heh. Is that because white guy leather pants (a la Jared Leto at the VMAs) don't count as "jogging" pants anymore than Gwen Stefani's leather 'harem pants'? Technicality.

shirley elizabeth said...

Are these people actually doing any kind of "jogging" or exercise in these pants? If they're being worn to fashion shows and awards nights and out on the town, they are in no way "jogging" or "casual" or "exercise" or whatever other adjectives were used for those pictures.

Kevin said...

And every single one of them the lowest garbage humanity has to offer. Yay leather jogging pants! You have just become one more primary indicator of people who barely deserve to breathe.

Unknown said... leather jogging pants

MattL said...

"Leather jogging pants" sounds like the punchline to a Polish joke (e.g., solar powered flashlight, submarine screen door). I was really disappointed to see it was just sorta baggy leather pants. Bravo to Kanye for resurrecting that, I guess.

The metafilter thread is unhinged. The crazy people talking about how racist it was to make fun of Kanye saying silly things was amusing, though. Lots of deep thought going on there.