September 30, 2013

Joe Biden emails me with the subject line: "Ann."

Man, this gets my "Big Government sounds like a creepy stalker" tag:

He just emailed me yesterday. Back off, Government Man!

And don't make me the bogus subject of your communication. This is not about me, but you think I'm so doggedly self-interested that I get jazzed up by email purporting to be about me?

"If you've been watching what's been happening here in Washington over the past couple of weeks..."

Well, I haven't. I've been averting my eyes.

"... and you still think you need more reasons to support Democrats over Republicans, I'm not sure what to tell you."

Yesterday's email was about how Biden "can't understand" what Republicans are doing, and today's email is about how Biden doesn't know what to say to anyone who doesn't already agree with him.

I must be on the Democratic Party's special email list of Perpetually Puzzled People, and somehow it's been decided that the best name to slap on the "From" line in email to the PPP is Joe Biden.


MadisonMan said...

There are always deadlines in these fundraising emails. Do it now before the Deadline!

You should call them tomorrow, and ask if you can still donate, after the deadline.

But call from someone else's phone.

Matthew Sablan said...

I've been watching; Republicans have sent at least one or two compromise bills to the Senate, which is threatening to kill compromise, and the President is willing to shut the government down instead of compromise.

I don't see why that's supposed to encourage me to support team blue.

Ron said...

Because no one brings the sexy like Joe and you're of the right age to scream like you just saw "I Saw Her Standing There" on Sullivan when Joe sends you a "personal" appeal? Something like that? Or do you need the smoove stylings of Barry "White" Obama to open those pursestrings? How these doofi think...

Big Mike said...

@Professor, you're somewhat open-minded, which 21st century Democrats can neither stand nor understand.

If you want to get back into Lonesome Joe's good graces you'll shut up, stop thinking about anything, take your diversity training, you white hussy, and send him the $3.

madAsHell said...

They must figure that you relate better to Slow Joe, than to BO. I'm at a loss to understand how anyone could relate to Slow Joe said...

I keep getting emails from the GOP:


As politicians, we're always trying to figure out what to say, and how to say it for maximum effect. When do we move, and when do we stay back?

If you've heard our speeches, you've heard a mix of sincerity and insincerity, promises and principles mixed into a large milkshake.

Chris, that milkshake isn't free.

Ideally, we're going to try and leave you, the voter alone, and protect you from idealism. But freedom comes with responsibilities, Chris.

What are those responsibilities?

Well, how about you give us that $20 you promised over the phone?

These horses don't trade themselves. Roll up your sleeves, Chris.

Also, the Republican party is locked in a civil war between principles and factions ourselves, so you might have to pick a side.

We tried to give you 1955 back, but you wouldn't take it, so here we are, Chris.

Join us, Chris, and just look at the other side from where we sit. Look at it! It's 1963 all over again. A collectivist mass of incompetent, Statist diversocrats, educrats, top-down technocrats, environmentalists and God knows what else.

That's progressivism for you!

The time to act is now, Chris, so come on inside this tent, wrap this flag around your shoulders, and start pissing outside the tent.

OUTSIDE the tent.

Yours truly,

Rumpletweezer said...

A female coworker was incensed when McCain named Palin as his Veep candidate. She was irate at the very idea that he would choose a woman as a way to get her support.

I suppose I should have been equally irate when Obama chose Biden as his running mate. Why would he choose a balding, middle-aged man if not to get my support?

n.n said...

With $2.7 trillion in receipts, there is no justification for a shutdown or default. With over $1 trillion in deficits, it is clear that neither is mandatory. Obama and Reid are theatrical players. The federal, state, and local governments need some fiscal discipline. Their corruptive influence in the private sector needs to be addressed.

cubanbob said...

I get the same from Biden and Obama and they always ask for money. Its the permanent campaign. If only they were as good at governing as campaigning.

Bob K said...

That email address doesn't indicate it is one of those dead no reply types. You could have some fun testing their email handling by replying to that email with something like below. Additionally, it will give them something to break the monotony in their office. :)


Last time we talked in person you complemented me on how much improved my physique had become due to the weightlifting I was doing. You inspired me to strive even more in that effort. That has worked out so well I decided Ann was too girlish a name, and I am sure you agree people should call you by the name you prefer. Well, I now prefer to be called Bruiser.

Just seeing my former name brings up memories from the past when I wish to move on. It is especially irritating to see or hear it when people wish something from me. My other friends have updated their personal contacts to reflect this change. Please do the same so I can still consider you a personal friend.


Lem said...

Joe Biden must be their version of what a moderate looks like.

jr565 said...

The govt is like CHannel 13. They always need money and are always doing their pledge drives. What do you get for that $3, a nice mug?