September 2, 2013

In search of war protest.

Today at the Wisconsin Capitol Square. The protest singers are there, doing their version of "O Mary, don't you weep, don't you mourn/O Mary, don't you weep, don't you mourn/Pharaoh's army got drowned/O Mary, don't you weep...."


Oso Negro said...

Haven't heard anything about human shields in Syria, either. Apparently it just isn't worth protesting if a Democrat does it.

Michael The Magnificent said...

Truth: Until Bill Clinton came along, and I witnessed so-called feminists grant him one free grope (after witnessing how Democrats AND Republicans drove Bob Packwood out of office - good riddance to bad rubbish), I had voted strait Democrat since I was old enough to vote for Carter.

But since then? I have come to witness that Democrats can be caught in bed with a dead girl, or a live boy, and the left will ALWAYS come to their defense. No morals, no ethics, and nothing but double standards for the left.

Republicans may be the stupid party, but Democrats are the evil party;

Obama could bomb Christian orphanages, and the left would completely ignore it, or blame Bush for it.

John Kerry and Hillary Clinton in bed with Assad? Nothing to see here, move along!

Obama aligning himself with "al-Nusrah Front" (which is aligned with al Qaeda)? Too busy protesting Scott Walker to give a shit.

Robert Cook said...

Maybe local authorities were using the tactics of these Philly cops.

Dan from Madison said...

Oso - that is exactly correct. The papier mache heads will be in storage until we have a president with a letter in front of his name that is not d.

Michael K said...

The weather on Nantucket is still nice. Don't expect the Kerrys until the end of the month.

SteveR said...

What nonsense. Surely these people could make better use of their time but obviously they think this is important some how. Just amazing ignorance.

The Godfather said...

When I was a young conservative in the '60's, we lamented that the left had all the good songs and all the good singers, Joan Baez, Woody Guthry (except for "The Good Rueben James"), Pete Seegar, etc. I even formed a short-lived Republican folk group, The Rough Riders, but we couldn't change the zeitgeist. Now, in Madison -- MADISON! -- when the US is about to go to war -- WAR! -- the lefties are singing old slave songs, for crying out loud.


Sam L. said...

They were in favor of Saddam killing Iraqis. OK with Assad, too.

Ann Althouse said...

I edited out the part of the video where Meade says the songs are like camp songs, we observe the absence of young people, and note that it's camp with only the counselors left, aging forever as the world goes by.

Robert Cook said...

"What nonsense. Surely these people could make better use of their time but obviously they think this is important some how. Just amazing ignorance."

You think it's "nonsense" and "unimportant" that your country may be going to war...again? Possibly without Congressional approval...again? That American blood and treasure will be expended on a fight that is not pertinent to our safety, that is not in defense against an imminent attack against us, that is opposed by most Americans?

What "amazing ignorance," indeed!

Ann Althouse said...

@Robert Cook You're missing the point that these people are not protesting the war. Meade and I are looking for war protests, but we encounter the singers who date from the 2011 protests were about unions, specifically public employee unions.

They use old songs from the civil rights movement and the private industry labor union movement to prolong the protests that were huge in 2011 and led to the unsuccessful recall of Gov. Scott Walker. Now, it's turned into a mood-boosting exercise.

It's fantasy land because: 1. They're ignoring imminent war, and 2. They don't seem to relate in any way to finding a way to defeat Walker when he's up for reelection next year.

jr565 said...

Instapundit links to a study that asks what happened to the anti war movement, and why did it implode? And it even provides a graph. Basically, the majority of the anti war crowd were dems and stopped attending rallies when Obama took office.
Hence, the anti war crowd was never really anti war. It was anti Bush. It was your standard party politics disguised as a moral movement. When in fact, if the war doesn't have Bush pushing it, they generally couldn't give two shits.
They just want to get their guy elected and will use ANYTHING from race cards to sexism cards, to fake anti war sentiment to charges that Bush spent too much, even. But as soon as they get in office all that goes by the wayside.

The worst political class, and group of voters in our lifetime. Completely cynical and completely two faced.

jr565 said...

Speaking truth to power has an expiration date. Then if past the expiration date, speaking truth to power is racist, or sexist. And of course it can come back into fashion. And when it does a republican is in the White House.

This is agit prop, and political theater just like the lefts progenitors in Mother Russia.

jr565 said...

agit Prop
The left are socialists, and all their outrage is just a variation of agitation and propaganda theater. Always and forever.

Even when they say they aren't socialist/communist they then utter concepts that are socialistic/communist. Look at the occupy Wall Street movement. Look at the demands for a living wage. Socialism. And they use the same tactics that they used way back in the day when communism was still new.

TosaGuy said...

The silence in Milwaukee after 250K Harleys left town after the Harley-Davidson birthday bash (you could hear a dull rumble everywhere) is the anti-war left challenging Obama.