September 20, 2013

"If you like shopping and coats go outside and yell yes right now. We will listen for you."

From "The 20 Best Tweets From the Burlington Coat Factory Weird Twitter Account," except that after New York Magazine published this, the Burlington Coat Factory issued a statement saying this was not actually their real Twitter account, even though this was the account they were linking at their website, and...
If it had been their real Twitter feed, it would have represented a tremendous step forward in avant-garde corporate #branding. Think about it, Burlington.
Let's all think about it. If it were avant-garde corporate #branding, would denial — once all the squares started looking — be an element? (And perhaps denial of the denial, since the link to Burlington's "clarification" takes you to a "Sorry, this page isn't available" at Facebook.)

Who knows what's real and what's fake anymore, but it is getting hot in here, so cool down with a new coat or jacket.

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