September 8, 2013

Denis McDonough won't answer those "if" questions.

Today, on all the talking heads shows, Denis McDonough was everywhere, making Obama's case for Syria, and got pushed over with the question what if Congress votes no...

... as captured by the great Crack Skull Bob/Walt Taylor. (Lots more of this morning's heads at that link.)


n.n said...

If Congress votes no, then Obama will attack and blame Congress (or a video) when confronted. Why does he now seek authorization for another Obama-made disaster? Why is Syria different than Libya? Is it because the response of former allies will likely be greater than in Bengazi? Perhaps another 9/11?

jr565 said...

HE should never have gone to congress to begin with. Too many cooks in the kitchen.
If it was important enough to deal with, he should have done it and faced the consequences.

What consequences did he face when he did the same thing in Libya? Did congress try to impeach him?

He's looking for way to not do what he says must be done."Please override me, congress because I'm afraid to lead and be responsible for my choices"