September 6, 2013

"Ciao Michele, it's Pope Francis."

The new Pope makes personal phone calls.
Last month he reportedly rang an Italian man, Michele Ferri, who had written to him after his brother was murdered....

"He told me he had cried when he read the letter I had written him," Ferri said.
More recently he called a woman who'd written a letter saying "she feared no priest would baptise her illegitimate child," and "the Pope told her that if she had any trouble he would personally hold the baptism."
"The Pope told me I was very brave and strong to decide to keep my baby," she said.
Nice. Really nice. But what a foundation for prank calls.


Ipso Fatso said...

And prank emails!!!

--All The Best,

Pope Francis!!!!

P.S. Go Packers!!!!

Anonymous said...

This Pope is amazing, almost makes me want to be Catholic. Yes the risk of prank calls looms large. I wonder if there is a registered letter or something he sends to the recipient to let them know he will be calling.

traditionalguy said...

St Francis is back. The poor people are his people.

This should be a big boost to the Roman Catholic Church.

BarrySanders20 said...

I like this pope so far, and I'm not a big pope supporter in general. He has a humility about him and seems to relish in breaking away from expectations of how a pope should act. Treating the mother of an illegimate baby with compassion and without judging comes a lot closer to the ideals expressed in the Bible about Christ's teachings. Some might even draw a parallel to the situation Mary found herself in.

I also thought the pope's comments about Syria showed great insight and understanding, especially in comparison to the incoherence from the Bumbler in Chief.

The POPE Shepard Fairey poster parody comes a lot closer to the mark than the original, now ridiculous, Obama HOPE poster. I think he is trying to provide an example to follow and maybe to provide some hope to the world. If not the world, then at least to a few individuals. And there is no reason any of us can't do the same. Go do something unexpectedly nice for a stranger and tell them the pope with hope sent you.

Now, if he's seen carrying that lemons tote bag that Althouse hates, I may reassess that hope thing.

JRoberts said...

“Nice. Really nice. But what a foundation for prank calls.”

Ann, are you implying that good people should not do good things simply because bad people, as a result, might be motivated to do bad things?

If so, humankind is doomed.

Captain Ned said...

Will he sing Kaddish over a dying Jew like Anthony Quinn's Pope Kiril?

Rick M said...

The linked article mentioned the key to detection of spam phone calls, only 3 people knew she wrote a letter to the Pope.

Mary Martha said...

I believe there has already been a hoax of a gay man falsely claiming that the pope called him.

The Vatican had to come out and deny that report.

Belial said...

"Ciao Your Holiness, it's Father Guido Sarducci."