September 21, 2013

"A Florida woman who became famous for her uncontrollable hiccupping has been found guilty of first-degree murder."

"Under Florida law, someone who participates in a robbery that leads to a death can still be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole."
Earlier this week, the court heard a recording of the phone conversation she had with her mother hours after her arrest.

'I didn't kill nobody,' Mee said. '…I set everything up. It all went wrong, Mom. It [expletive] just went downhill after everything happened, Mom.'


A. Shmendrik said...

Jailhouse phones have a conspicuous warning (a sign on the wall and a recorded message which plays at the initiation of the call) which indicates the calls may be monitored and recorded, and certainly not for "quality customer service." Yet a large number of criminals just hang themselves out to dry in these calls. You facilitate a felony murder? Goodbye.

Bob Boyd said...

How'd you like to get stuck with a chronic hiccupper for a cellmate?

Freeman Hunt said...

Seems ridiculous to be able to charge non-murderers with murder.

cubanbob said...

Proof yet again that most criminals are criminally stupid.

Jason said...

It's less ridiculous when you can use it as leverage to get the getaway car driver to finger the real murderer in return for a lesser charge. I bet it's pretty rare for an accessory to take the murder rap if they can bargain down to something and still get the murderer off the streets. It's not hard to turn them against one another at that point.

Jason said...

She should have gone right to the cops and turned in her piece of shit boyfriend and his buddy. Instead she lied about it initially. Which makes her a less reliable state's witness.

At any rate, why are women attracted to these dirtbags?

Paul said...

"Seems ridiculous to be able to charge non-murderers with murder."


It's called the doctrine of parties. If one partakes in a crime and someone is killed then everyone involved is culpable.

That way people can't skate the heinous crimes by saying they were just the lookout, or they just took the money.

It's quite logical. A few would-be criminals may very well say 'no, I won't be involved' in a crime because of the possibility of something going wrong.

And those what do end up being charged become poster boys and girls to those who might do the same.