September 22, 2013

3-D printed food.

This seems incredibly dumb, unless you are hyper-focused on the shape of food — enough to ignore that it's all processed from already-highly-processed food paste.
[W]e had (once again) food in the shape of our initials. It was creamy and light, though the monogrammed letters made us feel uncomfortably Trump-like.
Are billionaires into monograms? Seems to me monograms are a pretty squarely middle-class affectation. Here's Pottery Barn's Monogram Shop, where the promotional copy stresses "personalizing" things like towels and pillowcases to make them "extraordinary."

I mean, it's funny to purport to squirm over feeling like a very rich man, when what you are doing is the sort of thing that stolidly mainstream retailers use to make the most conventional shoppers feel special.

What's funny is that the writer of that lengthy NYT article indulges in the liberal's cliché snubbing of Donald Trump, when he would know enough to refrain from displaying snobbery toward the actual middle-class Americans who patronize The Monogram Shop.


betamax3000 said...

I Do Not Specifically Recall 3-D Printed Food in "Logan's Run" It Certainly Sounds Like the Kind of Food That Would Be There.

The Seventies Future is Upon Our Plates.

Sam L. said...

Well, dear Ann, it's the NYT picking nits and pointing at the proles and the great unwashed and less-washed.

cubanbob said...

I will get excited when a full blown Star Trek replicator is available. Until then, 3D food printing... yuck!

colleen cafferty said...

I live right above a Trump property. He's tacky as hell and puts his name and initials on EVERYTHING in horrible gold-tone cursive letters. The people in the article ascribed this lack of taste to Trump specifically, not billionaires or wannabe billionaires. He has awful taste in furniture, too, at least for this century. Maybe it was good taste one hundred years ago, I don't know.

That's the weird thing about Trump. Many people assume that since he's brash, loudmouthed, and coarse, that he is a self-made guy, symbolic of the American Dream, but he actually came from money, so... No.