August 26, 2013

"Your Unhealthy Love For Public Health..."

"... In 14 Images."


Inga said...

That's me all over, I love it!

Peter said...

Is urban violence a "public health" problem or a social problem?

Michelle Dulak Thomson said...

Peter, you're not supposed to ask that sort of question. If you call it a public health problem, the chances are much better that you will get to regulate something.

Sigivald said...

So, an UpWorthy link?

Forgive me for not wanting to give them any hits and just ignoring it, then.

Propaganda sites aren't really my thing - even ones I agree with, and UpWorthy ain't that, being standard Progressive blather.

(MoveOn guy? Check. Guy who bought The New Republic? Check.

Interest? No check.)

Jason said...

Stay the f*** away from me and my family, Inga.