August 18, 2013

"You just didn’t see women taking over and beating up men in those days."

"Russ did something no one else had the imagination to do. And he was smart to use three bodied-up women, so whether the picture’s good or not, you still sort of stare at it."

Said Haji, one of the stars of the 1965 Russ Meyer movie “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!.” She died last week at the age of 67.

Bodied up. Bodied out.

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YoungHegelian said...

Some years ago, when Tower Records was still around, I rented Pussycat & Jason & the Argonauts. When the check-out clerk saw the two titles, he uttered these words of wisdom:

"Russ Meyer & Ray Harryhausen --- two guys who liked things BIG!"