August 23, 2013

"Whitefish Police got a strange report Wednesday about a man falling out of a pickup truck that continued to roll down East Sixth Street."

"The man got up and chased the truck, but the reporting party wasn’t sure if he caught up to it or not."


Tibore said...

Who said working police dispatch is boring? ;)

Again, Evansville Watch is the best Twitter feed for dispatch laughs.

"EvansvilleWatch ‏@EvansvilleWatch 20 Aug
Man is passed out in silver car on Spring Valley Rd at the apartment entrance. He is disoriented and wearing only his underwear."

"EvansvilleWatch ‏@EvansvilleWatch 19 Aug
Caller says she is stuck in the car wash at Royal Car Wash on Pearl Dr. She says the machine won't shut off, can't get out of car. #ewatch"

Sam L. said...

Small town police reports are sooooooooo much better than big city reports.

Carol said...

Since Whitefish is a hipster tourist trap, it was obviously some Californian did this.

Emil Blatz said...

You must not be familiar with the Flathead Lake area, including the Flathead Indian Reservation. Highway 93 runs down to Missoula, and many years ago I started a bicycle ride to CA from Whitefish, rode south to Missoula and then across ID and OR, then down the coast.

The segment on 93 was very interesting. As a cyclist you are aware of the pavement at the margin of the road and the general road surface, as well as the condition of the culverts and drainage ditches, fencing, etc. that is just a passing blur to most motorists. Along 93 the conspicuous aspects were skid marks running off the road into ditches and fences, piles of broken auto glass, strewn auto/truck body parts, and an incredible array of beer bottles and beer cans on the margin of the road for the first 20 feet (or as far as you could throw your empties.)

I get to Missoula and the people there at a bike shop looked at me with astonishment, having survived a ride down Highway 93. In terms of accidents per vehicle miles traveled it is one of the most dangerous segments of road going, and it is because of the very common drunk driving on and around the Flathead Reservation. I later noticed the bumper stickers that said "Pray for me, I drive 93!"

Kev said...

Dave Barry's Blog has been posting the police blotter from another Flathead County paper several times a week for over a year now, and it's great comedy. here's a recent one.